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  • FED Stereo camera with Industar-81 lenses

    camera with regular signs of use to body, paint losses to advance lever and film door, bottom plate with scratches and small dent, battery cover is heavily scratched and a bit dented, it screws in, but not very easily, shutter fires, aperture works
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  • Gaumont Paris Stereo camera With Krauss Zeiss Tessar lenses

    Gaumont Paris Stereo camera With Krauss Zeiss Tessar lenses

    All metal stereo camera appr. 1900. Lenses marked Krauss Paris Tessar Zeiss 4.5 / 85mm. Shutter fires but unrestored condition. Aperture and focus turns heavy. Lenses with haze. Cosmetically in very nice condition. For collection or display. Has Grand Prix 1900 marking to front
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  • Voigtlander Stereflektoscop 6×13

    Voigtlander Stereflektoscop 6×13

    Nice Voigtlander Stereo camera. For display, shutter wont fire. Good cosmetic condition. Beautiful camera
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  • Francke & Heidecke Heidoscop stereo camera. 6X13 /Rollei

    Francke & Heidecke Heidoscop stereo camera. 6X13 /Rollei

    1st Rollei camera, then still under Francke & Heidecke name. For display. Shutter won’t fire. Focus smooth. Good cosmetics considering it’s old age. Nice piece for collection
    Price: 400,00 Add to cart
  • Wooden stereo camera marked Ivens, with Rodenstock lenses

    Highly decorative camera. app 1900,in good condition for it’s age. Marked Ivens & co which was not the manufacturer but a shop who put their own name on the camera. Not sure who made this camera. But it’s well made, high quality. Good bellows, though internal bellows which splits the .....
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