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  • Wooden full plate camera with double extension bed, unmarked, + Rodenstock lens

    Nice, big and old wooden camera in need for some attention. Unmarked. Bellows with small holes, shutter is not released. Wood in good condition, with no cracks or splinters. Movements work. Screen with few scratches, not cracked. Lens in good condition, bit hazy / dusty, with tiny cleaning marks and .....
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  • Technika Hengelo Holland – interesting 4×5 monorail camera

    Camera in overall good condition, with good and quite smooth movements. Bellows with few holes – need to be replaced or repaired. Lens (IVENS Rapid Rectalinear Aplanat No. 2) is a bit hazy. Screen is functional, but a bit marked. Overall nice piece of camera, for use or collection.
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