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  • Envoy wide angle with Taylor Hobson Cooke lens

    Envoy wide angle with Taylor Hobson Cooke lens

    Interesting Brittish camera with wide 64mm f/6.5 Envoy wide angle lens made by taylor taylor and Hobson in England. Usually found with the 120 film insert but this camera is for sheet film use only, unfortuantely making this far less usable today.the camera did not receive a service. the shutter .....
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  • Hasselblad Super Wide C

    Hasselblad Super Wide C

    This Hasselblad Super Wide C has just received a full overhaul at ACR and comes in excellent working condition. A beautiful and iconic camera for wide angle photography. The shutter sounds good at all speeds. Good glass, few faint marks which wont affect images. Regular sings of previous use. some .....
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  • Linhof Technar 45 with Super-Angulon 5,6 / 65mm lens

    Linhof Technar 45 with Super-Angulon 5,6 / 65mm lens

    Rare camera. Comes with the 6×9 finder for the 65mm Schnieder lens. All seem to work perfectly. Regular signs of previous use. Electronic release not tested due to we dont have the battery this moment. A crack in battery holder which is reglued. We can rate it 8,5 out of .....
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  • Holga wide pinhole camera with Schneider 65m msuper angulon lens

    Forget the Linhof technorama, here we have a true budget option to shoot 6×12 panoramic images. This Holga 120wpc camera has been converted and instead of the pinhole lens a Schneider Super-Angulon 1:8 / 65mm lens got installed. A toy camera in essence. very low built quality. plastic fantastic. But .....
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  • Hasselblad SWC/M w/ Biogon 38mm f/4.5 T*

    The camera comes in good working condition with regular signs of previous use, mainly marks to the hood mounting ring and a bottom corner in the form of some paint loss. Smooth focus and shutter sounds accurate at all speeds. The lens has good glass with no scratches but has .....
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  • Hasselblad XPAN kit with 45mm f/4 Panoramic camera

    RESERVED until 11 feb 2021: A very nice and sought after panoramic camera from Hasselblad. The camera comes in excellent working condition with obvious signs of use. The body has some paint loss often seen on these cameras giving it a worn appearance. But actually the counter marks under 0100 .....
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