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  • Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 533/16 RF camera with 8cm f/2.8 Tessar lens

    Coupled rangefinder folding camera by Zeiss Ikon, 6×9 film format. Used condition, with worn leatherette and dirty lens, not sure if bellows is light tight. Shutter fires at all speeds and looks accurate, but cannot be released by a button on camera top plate. Meter is not functional. Aperture works, .....
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  • Wooden full plate camera with double extension bed, unmarked, + Rodenstock lens

    Nice, big and old wooden camera in need for some attention. Unmarked. Bellows with small holes, shutter is not released. Wood in good condition, with no cracks or splinters. Movements work. Screen with few scratches, not cracked. Lens in good condition, bit hazy / dusty, with tiny cleaning marks and .....
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  • Zeiss Super Ikonta 530/15

    Zeiss Super Ikonta 530/15

    hard to find variant! early Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta camera with Coupled rangefinder and Carl Zeiss Tessar 4.5 / 12cm lens. This model was made in the 1930s for 616 film at format 6.5x11cm. 616 film is long gone but the camera is a great candidate for conversion to 120film .....
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  • Savoy Royer camera with SOM Berthiot 50mm 1:2.8 lens

    Camera in worn condition, with obvious signs of previous use. Paint losses to film door, leatherette peels off, lens is a bit fungused and with marks to coatings. Film advances, shutter fires but slow speeds are sluggish and often stuck. No further tests.
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  • Bilora Standard Box + Kodak Six-20 Brownie Junior

    Cameras with firing shutters, not tested any further. Good condition for its age, Bilora misses leather handle. For display.
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  • Delmonta TLR camera

    Camera in used condition, with hazy optics. Shutter does not fire, focusing is stiff and uneven, no further tests. Rather for display, after good CLA may become user camera. Fitted in worn case and supplied with part of German manual.
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  • Kiev Vega spy / miniature Russian camera

    Miniature Russian camera in good cosmetic condition, with signs of regular use to body. Firing shutter and good aperture. Supplied with leather wrist strap.
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  • “baby” Rolleiflex in black

    “baby” Rolleiflex in black

    Due to it’s compact size this is one of the most beautiful Rolleiflex TLR cameras ever made. The black version of this 4×4 “baby” Rolleiflex is very hard to find since it has been made in small quantities only. The camera comes in a very nice cosmetic condition. Some light .....
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  • Vinten Aerial camera + Taylor Hobson Cooke lens

    Vinten Aerial camera + Taylor Hobson Cooke lens

    Brittish made aerial camera which takes 70mm film. Comes with Taylor Hobson Cooke 12inch f/4 lens. Good glass. aperture stops down correctly. Worn appearance. Camera untested. Collectors item!
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  • lot of 5x vintage folding cameras – as per pictures

    Cameras in quite worn condition, not tested. Sold as for collection / decoration / spares. Please check pictures.
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  • Anniversary Kodak Box camera + extras – glass plates, vintage meter, color samples by Kodak

    Kodak camera with stuck shutter, signs of regular use to body. Other items worn. Meter surprisingly reacts to light changes!
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  • Minox B subminiature camera, cased

    This tiny camera comes with regular signs of use to aluminium body. Shutter fires at all speeds, but slow speeds are sluggish. Focusing works and so does frame counter. Meter reacts to light, but probably is not accurate. Camera could use some cleaning to restore its full beauty. It comes .....
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  • Mycro III a miniature spy camera – boxed!

    Tiny Mycro III a spy camera in very good condition, seems unused, but top plate is covered in patina / dirty. Comes with genuine leather case (unused), fitted in original box (a bit fatigued). Shutter fires. Nice collectors piece!
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  • Petitax miniature spy camera, 14×14

    Camera with minor signs of previous use, chrome parts covered in patina. Shutter is released.
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  • Yashica Atoron miniature camera + flash

    Camera comes with minor signs of previous use, with some patina to chrome parts. Fires, but not tested any further. Flash is untested. Both are fitted in genuine Yashica cases.
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  • Rollei A110 miniature camera, in case

    This Rollei camera comes with regular signs of use to body – few tiny marks and scratches to black paint. Finder with tiny stains to coatings. Shutter fires, but is very lazy and sometimes stuck. Camera is fitted in worn case.
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  • Mec 16 subminiature camera with Color-Ennit 20mm 1:2.8 lens

    Nice and tiny camera with minor signs of previous use. Firing shutter, working aperture. Frame counter does not re-set. Supplied in genuine leather case which is a bit worn.
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  • Rolleicord I Model 1 Art Deco Rollei TLR camera

    Very early Rolleicord camera (8899 ever made? internal number 8517…) that comes in used condition, unfortunately with repaintings to genuine art-deco style. Paint losses and brassing to metal parts, two screws from front panel are missing. Lenses are very hazy. Shutter fires but is a bit sluggish. Sealings are made .....
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  • Ticka camera

    Ticka camera

    An interesitng sub miniature camera from the early 1900s. good cosmetic condition considering it’s age. The shutter fires. no spool inside, nor film available. A beautiful collectors item.
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  • Rewo Louise camera with meniscus lens by Old Delft / De Oude Delft

    This nice, vintage and rare Rewo Louise camera comes in nice cosmetic condition, with minor signs of use. Camera is a bit patinized, but with no deep scratches or bumps. Shutter fires at both speeds, lens looks quite clean. Nice display and collectible piece!
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  • Polaroid Colorpack 80 Land Camera with Polaroid 87 BW film, expired Jan 72 :)

    Camera looks nice and seems to be fully functional, was not tested with this nice, vintage and unopened film, though. Sold as a collectors piece or decoration rather than usable item. Comes fitted in genuine case.
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  • Kiev 30M spy camera, made in CCCP

    Subminiature Russian camera in good cosmetic condition, with minor signs of previous use. Shutter fires, for obvious reasons not tested with film. Nice for collection.
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  • H. Ernemann Dresden folding camera with Goerz Doppel Anastigmat 130mm lens – very nice

    Camera in surprisingly good condition for its age. Brassing to metal parts, some scratches to chrome focusing rail, bellows is a bit worn (no visible holes, though). Lens is slightly hazy inside, fitted in a firing shutter, that is probably not accurate. Camera with built-in shutter as well that fires, .....
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  • Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera PolaSonic AutoFocus Model 2

    Polaroid SX-70 camera with AF module, comes with worn leatherette – as usual. Finder is clear, so are rollers. Camera opens and closes, but was not tested with film package for functionality.
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  • Polaroid Land Camera Model 180 with Tominon 114mm 1:4.5 lens

    Camera with signs of regular use – small scratches and marks to plastic cover and metal parts. Rangefinder is heavily missaligned, rails a bit bent. Shutter fires, but slow speeds are a bit sluggish. Lens with some dust particles and very minor haze inside. Bellows looks light tight, rollers still .....
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