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    SUMMER BREAK: We are closed till August 30

    SUMMER BREAK: The shop is closed untill August 30. We’ll be back open again from the 31th of August. Last online orders are taken July 27th. We wish you happy holidays and looking forward seeing you again in September
    Price: 0,00
  • Bolex movie camera D8L with 3 Kern lenses: 5,5mm, 13mm, 36mm

    Nice 8mm movie camera set that comes in case, that is worn, torn and needs new stitches, but camera itself is in nice cosmetic condition, with signs of regular use to housing. Lenses are functional, but a bit hazy / dirty. Motor runs at all speeds, camera is not tested .....
    Price: 125,00
  • Pathe Webo Movie camera with 3x BERTHIOT Movie lens 20mm / 25mm / 75mm

    Camera is dirty, lenses with residue / patina to barrels, overall this set is in need for some good external cleaning, lenses are also dusty and hazy. Motor runs, lenses focus and have good apertures, but needs some lubing as well.
    Price: 300,00
  • Bell and Howell movie camera with a Taylor Hobson Cooke Kinic 1 inch 1:1.5

    Camera comes in really good condition for its age, leather strap is broken and missing. Motor runs, but camera is untested with film. Lens with just slightly hazy optics, good user – focusing is smooth, aperture works.
    Price: 220,00
  • KERN Vario Switar 1:2 / 12,5-100mm in Stalex 16mm movie camera

    Camera with signs of regular use, some paint losses and marks to housing. Lens is a bit dusty inside. Heavy, untested camera.
    Price: 285,00
  • Beaulieu R16 camera with Angenieux Retrofocus 10mm 1:1.8 in C-mount

    Camera is dusty, with minor signs of previous use and some patina to metal parts. Does not run, not tested with power source, still film inside. Lens is functional, with good aperture, but needs some cleaning, as it is fungused.
    Price: 275,00
  • Keystone K-8 8mm film camera with Dallmeyer Anastigmat 13mm 1:1.9 lens

    Camera with minor signs of use, fitted in quite worn case. Motor runs at all speeds, but no further tests. Lens with good aperture and frozen focus (stuck at infinity).
    Price: 80,00
  • Vintage 16mm Siemens movie camera, probably CII model

    Vintage, C-mount movie camera for 16mm film, made by Siemens. No additional markings so I can’t tell which model is it. Camera seems fully functional, with single exposure and all speeds being accurate. Not tested with film though. Fitted in vintage, worn case. Leather is deteriorated and there are obvious .....
    Price: 150,00
  • EMEL camera with 3x SOM Berthiot lenses + accs, cased

    Nice, tiny camera with minor signs of previous use. Fitted in worn case, accompanied with a small bunch of accessories. Motor runs, but no further tests, nice for display.
    Price: 100,00
  • Beaulieu MR8 camera, cased

    Camera comes fitted in genuine Beaulieu plastic case (worn), with minor signs of previous use. Motor runs at all speeds. Finder is dim, bit dirty and out of focus, lens with smooth focusing and good aperture.
    Price: 100,00
  • LD8 8mm film camera with 3x SOM Berthiot lenses, D-mount

    This LD8 camera comes with no additional markings / engravings, maker unknown. Paint losses and marks to camera body. Lenses are a bit hazy, functional, with some unevenness to focusing rings. Set is rather for decoration / display, although motor runs at all speeds (sounds inconsistent, though).
    Price: 100,00
  • Bolex H16 movie camera, with issues

    Bolex H16 camera in quite good cosmetic condition, with some patina to chrome parts, but with no dents, deep scratches or other obvious signs of use / abue. Runs, but there is a problem with spring tension and / or some mechanical issues. Motor starts after crank is pushed and .....
    Price: 200,00
  • Pailard Bollex 8mm camera with 8-40mm f/1.9 Pan-Cinor SOM Berthiot lens

    Camera with signs of regular use, few scratches to body and peeling off leatherette. Motor runs, but is inconsistent and squeaky, lens cannot be removed, it seems to be focusing and zooming correctly, though. This set is sold as for spares, repair or display purposes only.
    Price: 100,00
  • Bolex H16 movie camera, with SOM Berthiot and Cooke lenses

    Bolex H16 camera in quite good cosmetic condition, with some patina to chrome parts, but with no dents, deep scratches or other obvious signs of use / abuse. Runs at all speeds and sounds fine, but not tested with film or not serviced. Cooke Telekinic lens is bumped and bent, .....
    Price: 350,00
  • Bolex D8L 8mm camera with 3x Schneider lenses

    Camera with minor signs of previous use externally, runs at all speeds, but no further tests. Lenses are a bit hazy inside, but also functional. Set is fitted in leather case, which is torn and worn, with broken strap.
    Price: 111,00
  • Cine Kodak Model B 16mm movie camera

    As for the age – this Cine Kodak Model B camera is in really nice cosmetic condition. There are some marks and deteriorations to leatherette and some dust to finder and top of the camera and few scratches to sides / corners. Motor runs a bit unevenly, no further tests. .....
    Price: 100,00
  • Bolex H16 Reflex + Kern 1.8 / 16mm H16rx lens

    This Bolex H16 reflex camera has been made in the late 1950s and comes with the Kern Switar 1.8 / 16mm H16 RX lens. This is the first version of the H16 Reflex with round base. Fully mechanical spring driven movie camera.For use we recommend the later H16 Rex 4 .....
    Price: Sold
  • Arriflex 16 movie camera + Schneider Variogon 1:2 / 16-80mm

    A beautiful and iconic 16mm Arriflex movie camera complete with Schneider Kreuznach 1:2 / 16-80mm zoom lens. Electronics untested ue to no battery pack available. Shutter and mechanism seem to turn smooth when manually rotating the motor knob. Signs of use but in general a well preserved camera. Lens with .....
    Price: Sold
  • Askania 35mm movie camera + Astro Berlin lens

    Comes with Astro Berlin Gauss Tachar 2/25 lens. Not tested, considered for dispay. Beautiful large camera. Hand crank and finder missing. Comes with compendium
    Price: Sold