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    SUMMER BREAK: We are closed till August 30

    SUMMER BREAK: The shop is closed untill August 30. We’ll be back open again from the 31th of August. Last online orders are taken July 27th. We wish you happy holidays and looking forward seeing you again in September
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  • Leica M4-P

    Leica M4-P

    After the Leica M4-2, Leica introduced the M4-P. The camera’s are very similar but the M4-P expanded on the frameline range of the M4-2 with additional 28 and 75mm framelines which from then on became the standard. This made the M4-P the same camera as it’s successor the M6 but .....
    Price: 1.700,00
  • RESERVED: Leica 0-Serie replica with orginal packaging and papers

    RESERVED: Leica 0-Serie replica with orginal packaging and papers

    To mark the 125th birthday of Oscar Barnack Leica introduced a limited production run of a true to life and fully functional replica of the historic ‘Prototype 2’ camera. These were the first serially produced cameras produced by Oskar Barnack. Besides being fully functional the camera has the same Leitz .....
    Price: 1.500,00
  • Leica M6 body, first batch

    Leica M6 body, first batch

    This Leica M6 body comes from the very first batch made in 1984. It has some slight differences with later variants. most obvious is the lack of strap wear protectors to sides. This Leica M6 comes in well preserved condition with just light sings of previous use. very clean camera .....
    Price: 3.000,00
  • Leica M7 0.58 body

    Leica M7 0.58 body

    The Leica M7 is the most advanced Leica M film camera ever made. It has an electronic controlled shutter, most bright finder and an aperture priority mode. With a dead battery it still has access to 60 and 125 shutter times. This Leica M7 has the wide 0.58 finder and .....
    Price: 3.300,00
  • Zeiss Ikon ZM black body Boxed

    Zeiss Ikon ZM black body Boxed

    This Zeiss Ikon ZM rangefinder is a great alternative to the Leica M6 or M7. Some people call this the “improved leica” due to it’s long rangefinder base; an very hard to find camera nowadays. The camera comes in excellent working condition with light signs of previous use. There is .....
    Price: 2.000,00
  • Leica M2 body with selftimer + rewind lever

    Leica M2 body with selftimer + rewind lever

    The Leica M2 is with the Leica M4 the perfect camera for anybody that is looking for mid-century German made Leica with 35mm framelines. The M2 was produced alongside the Leica M3 and offered 35mm framelines, an exrternal frame counter and an updated design. This copy is in fairly good .....
    Price: 1.500,00
  • Leica II kit + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm and finder

    Leica II kit + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm and finder

    This Black Leica II has been made around 1936 and comes with matching Leitz Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens. The camera appears to have been upgraded with Chrome finish parts to top plate and a IIIf style wind knob, also the infinity lock for the lens comes in chrome finish. .....
    Price: 650,00
  • Leica M4 worn

    Leica M4 worn

    This Leica is an early 70’s Leica M4 model. The M4 came after the legendary Leica M3 and added 35mm framelines, a quick load mechanism and a faster rewind knob. This particular camera has probably shot a lot of rolls as there is quite some wear found on the body. .....
    Price: 1.400,00
  • Leica IIIG + Summicron 5cm f/2 LTM

    Leica IIIG + Summicron 5cm f/2 LTM

    The Leica IIIg was the last model screw mount Leica made. This camera has been made in 1957, at a date the Leica M3 was already in production. The IIIg can be easy distinguised by it’s large viewfinder, it also is slightly taller than it’s predecessors. This Leica IIIG comes .....
    Price: 1.150,00
  • Leica CL + Leitz Wetzlar Summicron-C 1:2 / 40mm

    Leica CL + Leitz Wetzlar Summicron-C 1:2 / 40mm

    The Leica Cl is actually Minolta made. It is much smaller than any other Leica M mount camera and it has framelines for 40/50 and 90mm lenses. This is the most affordable Leica rangefinder camera with built in exposure meter and the camera has been adjusted to accept 1.5v batteries. .....
    Price: 1.000,00
  • Leica M6 classic with 0.85 finder

    Leica M6 classic with 0.85 finder

    Here we have a Leica M6 classic body with the 0.85x finder. Made in the late 1990s and a rare and sought after variant. This Leica M6 comes in an exellent and fully working condition but shows some signs of previous use. We see some paint loss to battery cover .....
    Price: 3.000,00
  • Leica M4 Black body, Midland, Canada

    Leica M4 Black body, Midland, Canada

    Body only, comes without lens.<br><br>Only a very small number of Leica M4 cameras have been made in Midland, Canada. This is one of them. The camera has a black chrome finish and has been made in 1974. On top it is engraved: Ernst Leitz Canada ltd. Midland, Canada. Not to .....
    Price: 3.500,00
  • Contax G2 black + Zeiss Planar 2 / 45mm

    Contax G2 black + Zeiss Planar 2 / 45mm

    Hard to find in black. Recently film tested but this copy has a remark. The close focus is very hard to set. Probably a problem with the IR autofocus system. For regular pictures from 1meter to infinity it works fine in most occasions. A great user kit aside from the .....
    Price: 1.500,00
  • Fake Leica + Elmar 3.5 / 50mm lens

    Fake Leica + Elmar 3.5 / 50mm lens

    This is not a Leica but a Zorki camera made in Russia. It has Leica engravings to top as well as a PATT 8665 engraving. fun enough the open/close dial to bottom plate remained in Russian language. A nice conversational item and is sold as collectors piece. The camera comes .....
    Price: 200,00
  • Leica M2 body with special leatherette

    Leica M2 body with special leatherette

    This Leica M2 camera has been made around 1960 and comes with a special leatherette replacement. not original leather but it has a very interesting look. The camera is a great user. All functions are properly working. Shutter is accurate at all speeds and the rangefinder is bright and well .....
    Price: 1.400,00
  • Leica III with Elmar 5cm 1:3.5 lens

    Leica LTM screw mount camera in decent cosmetic condition. Some pieces of vulcanite are missing, there are some brassing signs to top dials and all over bottom plate. Nice, vintage look. Lens with some cleaning marks to front, minor dust particles and some haze inside. Aperture works fine, focusing is .....
    Price: 400,00
  • Leica M2 body

    Leica M2 body

    This Leica M2 camera is a great user but shows obvious wear. Body with marks and scratches, some paint loss to back door. Vulcanite almost totally intact, just missing a small patch on side near bottom plate. The camera was just serviced so all shutter speeds are accurate and the .....
    Price: 1.200,00
  • Leica M3 body from the first batch of 1954

    Leica M3 body from the first batch of 1954

    This is an early Leica M3 body made in 1954 and in good condition considering it’s age. Body only, no lens included. The camera has been checked by our in-house technician and all functions are working smooth and withing tolerance. As often with early M3 cameras the rangefinder is a .....
    Price: 1.500,00
  • Hasselblad Xpan – Rental

    Hasselblad Xpan – Rental

    The Hasselblad Xpan is one of the most iconic cameras made in the 1990s. This is a dual format rangefinder camera which has the ability to shoot conventional 24x36mm as well as full panorama 24x 65mm frames. This kit comes bundled with the 4/45 Hasselblad lens and complete with it’s .....
    Price: 180,00 per week
  • Contax G2 +28/45/90 – Rental

    Contax G2 +28/45/90 – Rental

    The Contax G2 is an amazing rangefinder-style camera. With it’s interchangable Carl Zeiss lenses, Rather compact size but with fast auto focus, a super bright finder and loads of automation. It is unlike any other ever made. This Contax G2 is the perfect travel companion, perfectly suited for landscape and .....
    Price: 140,00 per week
  • Fujica GW690 – Rental

    Fujica GW690 – Rental

    The Fujica GW690 is also nicknamed the Texas Leica because it’s very similar in form and function, albeit a bit bigger, then the famous Leica M models. Because of this the Fujica GW690 is incredibly easy and quick to use. One of the advantages of this camera over it’s German .....
    Price: 70,00 per week