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  • Polaroid 600 Rangefinder with Mamiya 4,7 / 127mm lens

    Polaroid 600 Rangefinder with Mamiya 4,7 / 127mm lens

    Same as the Polaroid 600SE but with the fixed lens. Camera comes in good and working condition with regular signs of previous use. Some marks to body and a bump to top. Rangefinder seem accurate and shutter sounds correctly. We can rate it 7.5 out of 10
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  • Polaroid SX70 Silver/Brown w/ leather pouch

    A nice old silver finish with brown leather original model SX70. The camera is in good working condition with light signs of previous use. The leather still looks good with only slight wear. The camera folds in an out nicely and the finder is clear with split image focusing aid. .....
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  • Polaroid 600SE + 6×9 120 film back

    The camera comes in working condition but shows signs of use. Marks and scracthes to camera body. Bit dirty. It comes with the 6×9 film back and a polarid back. Has the 127mm lens. Rangefider seem accurate. Shutter sounds good at all times. Cable release with some damage but works. .....
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