Fotohandel Delfshaven
Fotohandel Delfshaven
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About us

Fotohandel Delfshaven is a shop dedicated to vintage lenses and cameras. Though cozy in appearance, it contains the largest collection within the Benelux. Our collection spans the gamut, from highly collectible rarities to durable work horses for daily use. The interior of the shop itself is a testament to our love of vintage objects. We’ve decorated the space with furniture and lamps from bygone eras.
Fotohandel Delfshaven was established in 2009 in Rotterdam, the result of a love for vintage cameras and lenses which got so out of hand, it evolved into a shop. The name of the shop refers to our first location, Delfshaven, a historic part of Rotterdam which used to belong to Delft. When our growing collection required more space, a move to Delft felt like a natural fit. Afterall, Delft was once the centre of lens innovation – famous Delft inhabitant Antonie van Leeuwenhoek created cutting-edge microscopes through which he observed microbial life.
Maarten is the shop’s founder and is primarily in charge of obtaining stock and small repairs. He’s aided by Thom, our highly knowledgeable shop assistant, and Mikolaj, who maintains the web only and outlet items. Daphne works behind the scenes and often goes on coffee runs.

Visit the shop

In this age of online shopping, we still carry a torch for the real life experience. There are some aspects of an object that can’t be communicated through an image, such as the weight and feel of the camera in your hands. If you’re in the Netherlands, we encourage you to visit the shop in order to fully experience the camera or lens before committing to a purchase. For general advice for those unsure about what they’re looking for, a trip to our shop in Delft is well worth the effort. A one-on-one conversation is the best way to discover what kind of camera or lens will be the perfect fit.
Our store is located in the centre of Delft, a stone’s throw away from the famous Nieuwe Kerk on the market square. From Delft Central Station it’s a breezy 15 minute walk.
If you’re reaching us by car, it is best to use one of the subterranean garages on the edge of the old city centre, since parking along the street in Delft is prohibitively expensive.
We are open from Wednesday till Saturday, from 13:00 PM till 17:00 PM.






Leica M6 cameras
Eigenaar Maarten onderwerpt deze Rolleiflex 2.8f aan een test in zijn winkel in Delft. Op de achtergrond de Hasselblad kast, maar we spotten ook een Mamiya 645 pro TL

Fotohandel Delfshaven
Vrouwjuttenland 28
2611LC Delft
the Netherlands

+31(0)614 350322