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  • H. Ernemann Dresden folding camera with Goerz Doppel Anastigmat 130mm lens – very nice

    Camera in surprisingly good condition for its age. Brassing to metal parts, some scratches to chrome focusing rail, bellows is a bit worn (no visible holes, though). Lens is slightly hazy inside, fitted in a firing shutter, that is probably not accurate. Camera with built-in shutter as well that fires, .....
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  • Agfa Flexilette 35mm TLR camera

    Nice vintage TLR camera for 35mm film. Very nice cosmetic condition externally – camera with minor signs of previous use. Bit dusty screen / finder and lenses, but no haze or fungus inside. Shutter fires with slow speeds being a bit sluggish, but does not stuck. Film transport and aperture .....
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  • LOMO Voskhod 35mm viewfinder camera

    Uncommon viewfinder camera made in 1966, with signs of regular use to body. Paint losses to film door. Camera fires and shutter speeds sounds accurate, aperure works. Lens with minor haze and few dust particles inside, two dots to back element. Seems functional, but light seals unproven. Nice collectible camera.
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  • Miranda DX-3 SLR camera with EC 50mm 1:1.8 lens

    Set in really nice condition, with very minor signs of use. Lens is just slightly hazed inside, with barely visible nets of fungus to perypheries of back element. Shutter fires, aperture is snappy, focusing feels smooth. Camerra misses self-timer knob / button and metering LEDs are not visible in the .....
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  • Kodak folding camera with Angenieux 100mm f/4.5 lens

    Camera in very nice condition considering its age – basically no signs of previous use, some patina to chrome parts. Bellows looks light tight, shutter fires and sounds accurate. Lens is a bit hazy and has few small spots of fungus inside, but is free from scratches or spearation.
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  • Mihama-Six Model-II 6×6 / 6×4.5 folding camera

    Camera is covered in patina, with some marks and deteriorations to chrome parts. Finders are a bit dim. Lens with very minor haze and few dust particles inside, minor smudges to coatings. Shutter fires and sounds accurate, bellows looks light tight, aperture works. Camera comes fitted in genuine case that .....
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  • Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531/16 with Novar Anastigmat 75mm 1:3.5 lens

    This Super Ikonta 531/16 rangefinder camera comes in nice cosmetic and fully functional condition. Bellows is light tight, shutter fires and sounds accurately at all speeds, RF spot is visible and accurate, lens is clean and free from fungus. Nice copy of this tiny coupled rangefinder camera!
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  • Topcon Super DM + Macro Topcor 3.5 / 58mm lens

    Topcon Super DM + Macro Topcor 3.5 / 58mm lens

    We simply love the design of the Topcon Super DM. IT’s a study beast from the 1970. Not often found here in the Netherlands but a well built camera for which some beautiful lenses had been made. The mount is very close to Exakta bayonet. This Topcon comes with the .....
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  • Minox GT compact camera

    Camera with minor signs of previous use – just a few small marks to body. Case with signs of regular use, no damages or deep scratches. Metering works, shutter fires and sounds accurately, aperture is functional, so is self-timer and frame counter. Nice compact, pocket-size camera.
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  • uncommon Minon Six III rangefinder camera with 75mm f/3.2 Luminor lens

    Uncommon, uncoupled RF camera for 120 film, 6×4.5 and 6×6 frames. A bit dusty, with regular signs of use, optics in need for cleaning and with a bit deteriorated coatings. RF looks accurate, shutter fires at all speeds and seems to be OK, aperture works. Bellows looks light tight. Comes .....
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  • Fuji Fujifilm instax 210 Hello Kitty camera – boxed :)

    Beautyful 😉 camera with minor signs of use and fully working condition, fitted in a bit worn box. Makes everyone smile while being pictured 🙂 Loaded with film!
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  • Holda 120N fancy pink 6×6 / 6×4.5 camera, boxed

    Camera with barely visible signs of use, some paint losses to film door latch fasteners, otherwise almost like new. With manual, strap and box.
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  • Minox GT-E compact camera

    case is slightly fatigued, but camera in pristine, barely used condition, with firing shutter and working lightmeter, timer is also functional – nice, tiny compact camera with good lens
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  • FED Stereo camera with Industar-81 lenses

    camera with regular signs of use to body, paint losses to advance lever and film door, bottom plate with scratches and small dent, battery cover is heavily scratched and a bit dented, it screws in, but not very easily, shutter fires, aperture works
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  • Polaroid Pathfinder 120 camera with Yashinon 4.7/127mm lens and accessoires

    camera with regular signs of use, some mould residue and scratches to metal parts, lens a bit hazy inside, shutter fires and sounds accurate, but no further tests, accessories are sold as found, not tested
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  • Konica Big Mini BM-201 w/ 35mm f/3.5

    The Konica Big Mini is among the more popular compact cameras today. The camera comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. The body has some wear and slight smudge on the front plate. Electronic functions working as they should and camera feels responsive with decisive focus. clear .....
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  • MEC-16 subminiature camera (Color Ennit 2.8 / 20mm) in leather case

    camera in good cosmetic condition, shutter release button probably is missing as shutter is released with cable release only (clicks, accuracy / functionality untested), aperture works
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  • Yashica T4 w/ Zeiss Tessar 35mm f/3.5 T*

    Highly sought after compact with nice Carl Zeiss lens. The camera comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. The body looks good with some slight scratches on places from normal use. All electronic functions including flash work like intended and the camera feels responsive. Finder clear. Glass .....
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  • Kiev 60 TTL + WLF + Volna-3 80mm f/2.8

    A cool soviet alternative to the pentacon 6. The camera comes in good working condition with light signs of previous use. The body looks well cared for with some slight wear in places. The shutter seems to be working accurately at all speeds. TTL finder seems to be working and .....
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  • Zeiss Ikon Ikonta M 524/16 rangefinder folding camera

    Camera in nice cosmetic condition for its age – just a few small paint losses to metal parts and marks to leatherette. Interesting, early copy with either film back replaced from previous, non-RF version, or made using old parts in Zeiss Factory, as film door is stamped 523/16, which reffers .....
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  • Night-Exakta with Zeiss Biotar 1:2 / 8cm lens

    Night-Exakta with Zeiss Biotar 1:2 / 8cm lens

    Considering it’s age in exceptionally nice condition. Just light signs of previous use. Glass is clear and free of scratches. Some minor internal dust. Some light paint loss. Shutter seem to work correctly. We can rate it 8,5 out of 10
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  • Polaroid 600SE + 6×9 120 film back

    Polaroid 600SE + 6×9 120 film back

    The camera comes in working condition but shows signs of use. Marks and scracthes to camera body. Bit dirty. It comes with the 6×9 film back and a polarid back. Has the 127mm lens. Rangefider seem accurate. Shutter sounds good at all times. Cable release with some damage but works. .....
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  • Voigtlander Prominent II + Nokton 1.5 / 5cm

    Voigtlander Prominent II + Nokton 1.5 / 5cm

    later version Prominet with the large viewfinder and desired Nokton 1.5/50mm lens. The shutter sounds good at all times. Rangefinder bright and accurate. Smooth foucsing. I see a small bump to back side but no influence on operation. Also some marks and light paint loss. Excellent lens without scracthes or .....
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  • Contarex Bullseye + Zeiss Distagon 1:4 / 35mm

    Contarex Bullseye + Zeiss Distagon 1:4 / 35mm

    The camera comes in good functional but well used cosmetic condition. The shutter fires and seems accurate. Meter untested. Usually not working on these models. Has a changable back installed with darkslide. Lens is a GN model with black body and chrome focus ring. General wear to lens body. Glass .....
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  • Kine Exakta I with the round viewfinder

    Kine Exakta I with the round viewfinder

    The world’s first production version of 35mm SLR, first system SLR, first interchangeable lens camera with bayonet lens mount. An important camera and must have for Exakta collectors. Considering it’s age in good condition. The shutter fires. Curtain dry. Exact functions not tested. The lens is a matching Zeiss Tessar .....
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