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    Kodak stereo camera with original case

    Kodak stereo camera with original case

    A little stereo camera made by kodak which takes regular 35mm film. It has two Kodak Anaston lenses and is quite simple in use. The camera comes in a good cosmetic condition. The lenses look clean, the focus is smooth and the shutter fires but isnot tested for accuracy.
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  • Kodak Stereo camera

    Kodak Stereo camera

    The Kodak Stereo camera has been made in the 1950s and is a simple to use stereo camera with just basic functionality. It takes regular 35mm film. The camera comes in a good cosmetic condition for it’s age. Good glass. The shutter fires, though not tested for accuracy. Smooth settings. .....
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  • Cine Kodak Model B 16mm movie camera

    As for the age – this Cine Kodak Model B camera is in really nice cosmetic condition. There are some marks and deteriorations to leatherette and some dust to finder and top of the camera and few scratches to sides / corners. Motor runs a bit unevenly, no further tests. .....
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  • Super Kodak Six-20

    Super Kodak Six-20

    An important camera for being the first with built in automatic exposure. It took several decades before a competing model arrived to market. The model was very expensive in the days and unreliable from the start so just little units got sold (less than 800 units). working models are unable .....
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  • Kodak Ektar f:2 / 47mm lens in shutter

    Kodak Ektar f:2 / 47mm lens in shutter

    Hard to find lens, great candidate for remounting. probably from Retina camera, the version with this Ektar very hard to find. Good glass but front with some coating scratch and marks. shutter faulty, aperture good. Interesting lens. in need for work but worth the efford
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  • Kodak Cine Ektar 1.9 / 50mm, c-mount

    Kodak Cine Ektar 1.9 / 50mm, c-mount

    Hard to find lens. Has the original Kodak C-mount adapter. Glass in good condition. Some internal dust and minor mark. It has an obvious used appearance. Smooth foucs and good aperture. Additional name engraved to lens housing. We can rate the lens 7 out of 10
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  • Schneider Tele-Xenar 4 / 135mm lens. Kodak

    Fully functional tele lens with only minor signs of use, clean optics with just a few small dust particles and one very tiny, hair like flaw inside, but no scratches, haze, marks or fungus.
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  • Kodak Projection anastigmat f/4.5 / 161mm lens

    Lens is a bit hazy inside, with small cleaning marks and smudges to coatings. Few bumps to filter thread (filters won’t mount), otherwise functional lens, with good aperture.
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  • Vintage Kodak Timer (boxed) + huge hood and filter holder

    All items in used condition, hood and holder quite worn, clock patinized, with some scratches and in dirty box. Seems functional, but accuracy unproven. Hood is 16.5×16.5 cm square. Nice set for display!
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  • Kodak EKTRA + ektar 1.9 / 50mm lens

    Considering it’s age in good condition. Regular signs of use. Lens good Shutter works. Finder accurate. Great colelctors camera
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  • Kodak Retina finder for 35mm and 80mm lenses

    Genuine Kodak finder for Retina cameras, in used, but good cosmetic condition. Few marks externally, optics is a bit dim, but fully usable and functional.
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