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  • Kodak folding camera with Angenieux 100mm f/4.5 lens

    Camera in very nice condition considering its age – basically no signs of previous use, some patina to chrome parts. Bellows looks light tight, shutter fires and sounds accurate. Lens is a bit hazy and has few small spots of fungus inside, but is free from scratches or spearation.
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  • Super Kodak Six-20

    Super Kodak Six-20

    An important camera for being the first with built in automatic exposure. It took several decades before a competing model arrived to market. The model was very expensive in the days and unreliable from the start so just little units got sold (less than 800 units). working models are unable .....
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  • Kodak EKTRA + ektar 1.9 / 50mm lens

    Kodak EKTRA + ektar 1.9 / 50mm lens

    Considering it’s age in good condition. Regular signs of use. Lens good Shutter works. Finder accurate. Great colelctors camera
    Price: 1.000,00 Add to cart