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  • Topcon RE Auto Topcor 58mm f/1.4

    Topcon RE Auto Topcor 58mm f/1.4

    The lens comes in good working condition with some light signs of previous use. Smooth focus but a bit on the heavy side. Aperture works like intended. Glass is in good shape but a minor internal haze can be seen when looked through with a strong light. This likely won’t .....
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  • Topcon Super DM + Macro Topcor 3.5 / 58mm lens

    We simply love the design of the Topcon Super DM. IT’s a study beast from the 1970. Not often found here in the Netherlands but a well built camera for which some beautiful lenses had been made. The mount is very close to Exakta bayonet. This Topcon comes with the .....
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