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  • MPP 4×5 field camera + Boyer Paris lens

    This MPP Micro Technical camera is made in England. A well built field camera which a nice alternative for the Linhof. This brittish camera comes fitted with a French lens by Boyer. The Saphir Color 1:4.5 / 135mm comes in a good shape and fitted in Synchro compur shutter. It .....
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  • TOYO Field 45A camera (damage repairs, good user except won’t fold!)

    camera with obvious signs of use – visible paint losses and marks to metal parts, dent to right-hand side to bottom plate / closing plate, leatherette is a bit worn with few damages, camera with broken and repaired front standard – now it does not fold, but is still usable .....
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  • Sinar P2 8×10 kit with Rodenstock 300mm

    Sinar P2 8×10 kit with Rodenstock 300mm

    Nice 8×10 kit in ready to use condition. All movements turn smoothly. Hard to find in 8×10 configuration. Bellows seem light tight. Correct and good focus screen. Comes with 1 8×10 sheet film holder. The Sinar shutter sounds good, also at slower sppeds up to 8sec. Comes with a Rodenstock .....
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  • Linhof Super Technika V 2×3 + Symmar 100mm lens

    Linhof Super Technika V 2×3 + Symmar 100mm lens

    Nice kit. Comes with 6×7 film back and Symmar 5.6 / 100mm lens. The camera comes in excellent and fully working condition. Some regular signs of previous use. Smooth movements. One cover on utton on side missing, no affect on functionality. We can rate it 8.5 out of 10
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  • Linhof Super Technika 6×9 outfit

    Linhof Super Technika 6×9 outfit

    Kit comes with 2 lenses: Schneider Xenar 3.5/105mm + Schneider Tele-Xenar 5.5/240mm. Both coupled to camera rangefinder and come with the hoods and masks. Rollex 6×9 film back. Focusing screen back. Nice complete kit. The rangefinder seem accurate. Shutters speeds sound accurate at 1sec. Good glass. The camera has a .....
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