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  • Rollei ROLLEImarin

    Rollei ROLLEImarin

    Price: 750,00
    Considering it’s age in good condition. Not underwater tested, considered for collection. Housing only, camera not included
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  • Nikonos-V + Nikkor 35mm 1:2.5

    Price: Sold
    When doing 35mm underwater photography there is really only one camera everybody likes to use: the Nikonos series. These cameras are popular because of their ease of use, durability and sharp lenses. And while this is an underwater camera, paired with thi 35mm f/2.5 lens it is also perfectly useable .....
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  • Nikonos V in green + Nikkor 2.8 / 35mm

    Price: Sold
    This Nikonos-V is green and is an underwater camera, But fitted with the Nikkor 35mm 1:2.5 it is hybride and can perfectly work above water as well. This is your perfect companion for those rainy days.The camera has been recently film tested and provides excellent results. (it has not been .....
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  • Calypso Phot + Berthiot 3.5 / 35mm lens

    Price: Sold
    An early Calypso (= pre-Nikonos). With Berthiot lens. Hybrid underwater camera, but this 35mm also works above. Shutter fires. Smooth focus though scale on front does not follow correctly. Good aperture. Light haze inside. Made in France marking on top of camera. Not film tested and no idea if water .....
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