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  • Franka Bubi miniature strutt folding camera

    Franka Bubi miniature strutt folding camera

    This miniature strutt folding camera takes pictures on 4.5x6cm format.Hard to find and highly decorative camera in well preserved condition for it’s 90 years old age. shutter needs attention and some haze to optics. Plate holders are unfortunately not included. Collectors piece for display
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  • Ernemann Miniature Ernoflex

    Ernemann Miniature Ernoflex

    Fully folded this Ernemann Miniature Ernoflex / Klapp reflex measures a mere 9.5cm x 11cm and depth of 7cm appr. But unfolded appears a beautiful early reflex camera shooting on appr. 6×4,5cm plates. It’s smooth to fold however the lock wont lock.Being made in the mid 1920s this camera almost .....
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  • Zeiss Ikon Miroflex

    Zeiss Ikon Miroflex

    The Zeiss Ikon Miroflex was a folding Single lens reflex camera for 9×12 plates. It has been made in the 1930s and comes fitted with the Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 4.5 / 15cm lens. This is a decorative camera only. The camera and hood folds. Shutter faulty. plate holder seem .....
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  • Ottomar Anschutz Press camera with Goerz Cellor 168mm 1:4.8 lens

    Old press camera (1895 – 1905) in decent condition, unfortunatelly not complete (misses screen, film holder amd blinds). Shutter is released, but tension is too low, speed dial is stuck. Lens is very hazy / matte, but with working aperture. Focusing mechanism is stuck. Second shutter curtain is signed Ottomar .....
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  • Ernemann Tropen Klapp camera with Ernostar 2,7 / 11cm lens

    Ernemann Tropen Klapp camera with Ernostar 2,7 / 11cm lens

    Rare tropical camera with fast 2,7 version Ernostar (though not the fastest Ernostar option available which was f/1.8). The camera shows it’s age and should benifit from good cleaning. It has obvious signs of use. Class seems good. Shutter won’t fire. For collection
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  • Ensigns auto-Speed + Dallmeyer Dalmac 3.5/4inch Rangefinder

    Ensigns auto-Speed + Dallmeyer Dalmac 3.5/4inch Rangefinder

    A rare camera especially with the coupled rangefinder and most unusual Dallmeyer lens. The model is also interesting in that it has the focal plane shutter. The shutter fires but the release knob is missing. A simple screw or pin could be a replacement. Good lens for it’s age. All .....
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  • Minolta Auto Press

    Minolta Auto Press

    Nice early Minolta camera from the 1930s. Comes with Promar anastigmat Nippon 3.5 / 105mm lens. Shutter fires but slow speeds off. Rangefinder off. Comes with no film holder. Beautiful camera for collector but it shows it’s old age
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  • Voigtlander Bergheil Luxus w/ Radiar 75mm lens

    Voigtlander Bergheil Luxus w/ Radiar 75mm lens

    Uncommon Luxus camera. Beautiful bellows camera. In good condition considering it’s age, but marks on housing. Some haze in lens.
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  • Nagel Vollenda with LEITZ 3.5/5cm Elmar lens

    Nice camera with Leitz lens. Signs of aging on housing. Lens bit hazy and slow speeds sticky. We can rate it 7 out of 10
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