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  • Minute-16 miniatue camera. Universal camera corporation USA. Boxed

    Minor marks to camera body, finder does not lock in closed position, shutter is firing. Camera is sold as for decoration / collection.
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  • Rollei A110 miniature camera, in case

    This Rollei camera comes with regular signs of use to body – few tiny marks and scratches to black paint. Finder with tiny stains to coatings. Shutter fires, but is very lazy and sometimes stuck. Camera is fitted in worn case.
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  • Mec 16 subminiature camera with Color-Ennit 20mm 1:2.8 lens

    Nice and tiny camera with minor signs of previous use. Firing shutter, working aperture. Frame counter does not re-set. Supplied in genuine leather case which is a bit worn.
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  • MEC-16 subminiature camera (Color Ennit 2.8 / 20mm) in leather case

    camera in good cosmetic condition, shutter release button probably is missing as shutter is released with cable release only (clicks, accuracy / functionality untested), aperture works
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  • Compass Camera

    Compass Camera

    Beautiful and rare camera. Unfortunately in poor condition. The cap and back are missing, as is one of it’s feet. Shutter works. But it requires a good restoration. Very dirty at back side and stereoscopic head and panoramic head seem incomplete. For parts, repair or display so sold much lower .....
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  • Minifex with Trioplan 3.5 / 25mm lens

    Minifex with Trioplan 3.5 / 25mm lens

    Beautiful and uncommon submini camera in good condition considering it’s age. Comes with the Meyer Trioplan f/3.5 lens. Shutter fires
    Price: 350,00 Add to cart
  • Photavit w/ Schneider Radionar 37,5mm f/3.5

    Photavit w/ Schneider Radionar 37,5mm f/3.5

    A nice small camera with special thin 35mm rapid cartridges. The camera comes in good condition. The shutter functions (slow times slightly off) but we can’t seem to get the interlock off the shutter release on the camera, might need to be loaded with film to use. The transport works .....
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  • Coronet Midget Brown finish

    Coronet Midget Brown finish

    A very tiny bakelite box camera. Unfortunately this example has small bit of bakelite missing on the bottom right corner of the film door and one of the hinge connections seems loose. Still a very attractive looking camera for collection. We can rate it 7 out of 10.
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  • Minolta 16 Blue and Gold w/ 2 films and pouch

    Minolta 16 Blue and Gold w/ 2 films and pouch

    A nice 16mm miniature camera set in appealing colours. Both camera’s seem to work just fine and are in nice cosmetic condition. Comes with two minolta 16 films with expiry date 1971, and a pouch. A nice set for collection
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  • Minox Classic Camera Leica If (60503), boxed and as new

    This minox camera is a miniature copy of the classic leica LTM camera’s. It houses a 15mm F/5.6 lens. Even tough this camera is mostly sold as decorative item, this one fires and seem to be operational. excellent cosmetics The camera comes in its original box and wooden display case.
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  • Miniature Leica M3 by Minox

    No, This is not a Leica M3 but a miniature copy made by Minox. This is a digital camera with 5 megapixels. Collectors item in wooden presentation case. A beautiful add-on for any Leica collector. Untested. Very basic functionality and toy camera quality. Good cosmetic condition
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  • Ticka camera

    An interesitng sub miniature camera from the early 1900s. good cosmetic condition considering it’s age. The shutter fires. no spool inside, nor film available. A beautiful collectors item.
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  • Kiev 30M spy camera, made in CCCP

    Subminiature Russian camera in good cosmetic condition, with minor signs of previous use. Shutter fires, for obvious reasons not tested with film. Nice for collection.
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  • Robot + Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1:2 / 4cm lens

    Nice camera for collection but not recommended for use. The camera requires some good cleaning. it comes in a dirty condition. leatherette to back loose. Shutter fires, though sounds dry. shutter spring winds with ease. other functions not tested. thorough cleaning recommended.interesting Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar lens which is in .....
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  • Rollei 16S w/ Tessar 25mm f/2.8

    A nice 16mm miniature camera from rollei. The camera comes in good condition with light signs of previous use. The shutter fires but not further tested. A nice collectorspiece. Comes with wriststrap and it’s original pouch. We can rate it 8 out of 10 for cosmetics. Nederlands: Een mooie 16mm .....
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  • Le Coultre Compass camera

    A beautiful example of the famous Compass camera. It shows some light signs of previous use. Some small marks on body. The shutter fires and everything seem to work smoothly. The stereoscopic head accessory appears missing. A beautiful collectors piece.
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  • Minox riga

    Hard to find early Minox camera made in Riga. In good condition considering it’s age. It has a small bump to side but no influence on operation. Shutter fires but seems off at slow speeds. Opens and closes smoothly. Shutter dial and focus turns well. Counter functional. A bit dirty .....
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  • AJAX-12 F-21 Spy camera w/ Button att.

    Very cool tiny spy camera from the former USSR. Comes with rare button attachment. Camera seems to work fine. Shutter times and spring still work fine. Button attachment is functional. Both items are in very good condition with regular signs of previous use. We can rate the set 8 out .....
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  • Narciss camera

    Sweet russian sub-miniature reflex camera. Interchangable finder and Bela-M-1, 2.8/35mm lens. Considering it’s age in good condition cosmetically but the shutter has lost it’s tension and wont fire correctly. Display camera
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  • Meopta Mikroma II green leather

    The camera is in very good condition with some marks of use on the body. Has green leather covering. The shutter seems to work and the focus moves smoothly. The aperture however is stiff in movement but does work with some persuasion. A nice camera for a miniature camera collector. .....
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  • Gelto 127 Sub-miniature camera

    A nice Gelto camera. A post war variant with a new paragon shutter and NKS tokyo on the speed ring. Lower serial number than variant in mckeown’s guide. Shutter works although slow speeds are a bit hesitant. Focus seems to work fine. Lens is hazy. A great collectible camera. We .....
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