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  • Rollei 35B camera black, boxed

    Rollei 35B camera black, boxed

    Price: 125,00
    A beautiful condition Rollei 35B in box, collectors grade. The camera cosmetics look like new. There is 1 tiny dent next to the viewfinder but otherwise it would be a 5/5 right away. The camera comes in the box complete with lenscap. Lens is super clean. Al dails work as .....
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  • Robot Camera + Schneider Xenar 37,5mm F/2.8 lens

    Robot Camera + Schneider Xenar 37,5mm F/2.8 lens

    Price: 150,00
    Robot camera with Schneider 37,5mm F/2.8 lens fitted. Sold as collectors item, not tested extensively. Shutter does fire. Lens with some light age related haze. Some obvious usermarks on the barrel of the lens and the housing of the camera. Dail has some brassing. Focus turns freely. Framecounter works as .....
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  • Lot with 3 Kiev 35 cameras, 2x 35A and 1x 35AM OUTLET

    Price: 70,00
    Lot of 3 Soviet Kiev 35 cameras which are clones of the Minox 35 camera. Two are 35A, and 1 is a 35AM. The 35AM is missing the battery cover and one of the 35A’s is jammed. The Latin font 35A transports and clicks but not further tested. A nice .....
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  • Lot of Colorful cameras, 7x

    Price: 70,00
    These cameras are marked Instantload cartridge . for 126 film which is no longer available. Several in Pink and blue. also purple and black. Sold as found but nice collectors set This is an Outlet item.Outlet products are sold as-is. Unless stated otherwise these have not been fully cleaned nor .....
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  • Lot of Various Soviet 35mm cameras, Siluet, Vilia and Smena SL

    Price: 70,00
    A lot of 5 35mm viewfinder cameras with fixed 40mm triplet lenses. Not tested for exact functionality but they do seem to click except for the elektro model. Cosmetics good without damage. Clearance lot sold as found This is an Outlet item.Outlet products are sold as-is. Unless stated otherwise these .....
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  • Lot of 5 Soviet 35mm view/rangefinder compact cameras

    Price: 105,00
    A lot of 5 USSR compact cameras consisting of the FED Micron and Micron 2, Chaika II and 3 and also the Sokol 2 camera. All shutters fire but not tested for accuracy. cameras just briefly checked, nothing tested. The micron cameras have a white white stuff on the leatherette .....
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  • Lot of 4 cameras, Zorki 10, 11, Zenit Junior and Ricoh Auto 35

    Price: 56,00
    This lot of 4 cameras is pretty interesting because the original inspiration of them is in there as well. The Ricoh Auto 35 is included but also some Soviet copies : the Zorki 10 and 11 cameras. The Zenit Junior is a name variation on the Zorki 11. Functionalities not .....
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  • Lot of 4 point and shoots , 2x Lomo LC-A and Cosina CX-1 and CX-2

    Price: 84,00
    A lot of 4 point and shoot cameras consisting of the Cosina CX-1 (Praktica branded) and CX-2 cameras and 2 Lomo LC-A cameras with different branding. One of the LC-As is branded with the Zenit/zenith name. CX2 comes with winder but missing battery lid. All 4 cameras do click but .....
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  • Ilford Advocate + Dallmeyer 35mm f/4.5

    Ilford Advocate + Dallmeyer 35mm f/4.5

    Price: 250,00
    The Ilford Advocate is a fully white camera made out of enameled cast iron that uses 35mm film. It features a Dallmeyer 35mm f/4.5 Anastigmat lens in a pretty simple shutter with Speeds from 25 until 200 and B speed. The camera currently does not seem to want to shoot .....
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