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  • Savoy Royer camera with SOM Berthiot 50mm 1:2.8 lens

    Camera in worn condition, with obvious signs of previous use. Paint losses to film door, leatherette peels off, lens is a bit fungused and with marks to coatings. Film advances, shutter fires but slow speeds are sluggish and often stuck. No further tests.
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  • Meyer Görlitz Primotar 1:3.5 / 3cm lens, On Robot camera

    Meyer Görlitz Primotar 1:3.5 / 3cm lens, On Robot camera

    Interesting meyer lens for Early Robot camera. Here mounted on a spring driven Robot of later vintage which has a firing shutter but has not been tested in depth. The body is considered a collectors item. The Meyer Primotar is what makes this kit interesting as it is very hard .....
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  • Reflex-Korelle camera with 2.9/7.5 cm Radionar lens

    Early SLR camera with nice Schneider Radionar lens in used condition. Some marks to leather and paint losses to metal parts, but overall nice condition for its age. Lens with lots of tiny cleaning marks, a bit hazy inside. Focuses fine (stiff a bit), with good aperture. Camera with firing .....
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  • Rolleiflex SL26 + Tessar 40mm f/2.8

    A pretty cool little SLR from Rollei made for 126 film. The camera comes in good working condition with accurate sounding shutter. Lightmeter untested. Lens is in good shape with smooth focus and optics. Due to unavailable film considered for collection purposes only. We can rate the camera 8 out .....
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