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  • Focaflex with Oplar Color 5cm f/2.8

    Focaflex with Oplar Color 5cm f/2.8

    Price: 80,00
    The Focaflex is a 35mm SLR camera made in france. It looks like a interpretation of the Zeiss Contaflex camera with a central shutter. Cool cosmetical condition The camera does click but not further tested for functionality. Beautiful collectors item
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  • Horseman Digiflex

    Horseman Digiflex

    Price: 350,00
    Always wanted to use Nikon F lenses with your digital hasselblad V backs? Now you can with this Horseman digiflex! This camera is a bit of a weird one. From a time when there were digital hasselblad V backs from for example Imacon or Leaf with sensors not bigger than .....
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  • Contarex + Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm F/2 lens + hood

    Contarex + Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm F/2 lens + hood

    Price: 450,00
    The Contarex Bullseye camera is quite an unique piece of photographic history. Remarkable good build quality and beautiful design. It uses some special Carl Zeiss lenses and combined with the deep square lenshood it just looks very nice. All metal body with nice leather coverings. This kit comes with the .....
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  • Praktiflex + Xenon 5cm 1:2

    Price: Original price was: €250,00.Current price is: €225,00.
    Very early Praktiflex camera in decent cosmetic condition, with some patina and marks to barrel, but no dents or scratches. Hood opens, but needs manual support. Shutter fires and sounds accurate, but cannot be guaranteed, the same applies to light tightness. Lens with minor cleaning marks to glass and bit .....
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