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  • Peafowl DF-I + 1:2 / 58mm DF-I lens

    Peafowl DF-I + 1:2 / 58mm DF-I lens

    Made in China, back in 1977. Nice unmetered camera with Minolta bayonet mount. DF-I lens is probbly a copy of Biotar 2/58mm (as is the Helios-44). Comes in good condition with reguar signs of previous use. Shutter fires. Slow speeds irregular. Focus bit dry and lens barrel with wear.
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  • Zeiss Ikon Contaflex camera + 4x lenses, Tessar and Pro-Tessars 35 and 85mm

    This set comes in good cosmetic condition, with minor signs of use. Camera with few marks to bottom plate and slightly dusty finder, lenses are free from scratches or fungus, with minor dust specs inside. Shutter fires (slow speeds perhaps slightly sluggish), aperture works, meter is not reliable. Camera is .....
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  • Miranda DX-3 SLR camera with EC 50mm 1:1.8 lens

    Set in really nice condition, with very minor signs of use. Lens is just slightly hazed inside, with barely visible nets of fungus to perypheries of back element. Shutter fires, aperture is snappy, focusing feels smooth. Camerra misses self-timer knob / button and metering LEDs are not visible in the .....
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  • Topcon Super DM + Macro Topcor 3.5 / 58mm lens

    We simply love the design of the Topcon Super DM. IT’s a study beast from the 1970. Not often found here in the Netherlands but a well built camera for which some beautiful lenses had been made. The mount is very close to Exakta bayonet. This Topcon comes with the .....
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