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  • Leica Mini Zoom compact camera w/ Vario-Elmar 35-70mm

    Leica Mini Zoom compact camera w/ Vario-Elmar 35-70mm

    Price: 250,00
    The Leica Mini zoom is a pretty small compact camera with a short 35-70mm zoom lens and a built-in flash. The camera was fully tested and everything including the flash is working accurately. Nice cosmetics, slight wear on the glossy plastic bits near the finder. Optics clear and in excellent .....
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  • Leica Minilux w/ Summarit 40mm f/2.4

    Leica Minilux w/ Summarit 40mm f/2.4

    Price: 1.000,00
    Perfect condition Minilux with the 40mm F/2.4 lens. Silver finish in perfect condition, almost like new, just some tiny scratches on the bottom plate. All settings work as intended. No LCD bleed. No issues with lens. Flash works ok. Comes in original leather case.
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  • Lot of 4 interesting compact cameras

    Price: 105,00
    This lot contains 4 interesting compact cameras. Collectors items. these where part of a hiuge collection and have not been tested. Electronic functions untested. Included are: Konica UP. in green. waterproof. Pentax PC606W in a nice blue yellow finish.Samsung Fino 21C in a transparant housing. and the most interesting flower .....
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  • Yashica T4 black w/ Zeiss Tessar 35mm f/3.5 OUTLET

    Price: 80,00
    A Yashica T4 that has issues and will likely need repairs before being usable again. Cosmetically in pretty good condition with just some light wear on the body. Camera does not focus/does not want to take pictures sometimes, lens won’t retract sometimes. Good camera for spare parts of repairing sold .....
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