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  • Contax T3 black

    Contax T3 black

    The last of the very popular T line of Contax camera’s. This camera is even smaller then the T2 but has the same build quality and an incredibly sharp Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar lens. This camera is in perfect condition with almost no usage marks. The lens looks clean, .....
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  • Pentax Epsio Mini

    Pentax Epsio Mini

    This Pentax Epsio Mini point and shoot camera comes with the 32mm f/3.5 lens and is a perfect camera to always carry around. High quality optics, built in flash and super simple to operate, this Pentax is a pleasure to use. The camera comes in a worn condition. Obvious wear. .....
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  • Leica CM zoom, Boxed

    Leica CM zoom, Boxed

    One of the smallest Leica point and shoot camera’s that you can find. The Leica CM Zoom offers a sharp Leica Vario 35-70mm zoom lens in a very compact body. It is a very easy to opperate camera that offers program mode, aperture priority mode, autofocus and manual focus. A .....
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  • Contax G2 black + Zeiss Planar 2 / 45mm

    Contax G2 black + Zeiss Planar 2 / 45mm

    Hard to find in black. Recently film tested but this copy has a remark. The close focus is very hard to set. Probably a problem with the IR autofocus system. For regular pictures from 1meter to infinity it works fine in most occasions. A great user kit aside from the .....
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  • New!
    Leica AF-C1, Point and shoot

    Leica AF-C1, Point and shoot

    Leica’s first compact camera. The Leica AF-C1 ws based on the Minolta AF Tele-Super and has a 40mm f/2.8 and a 80mm f/5.6 lens. What the camera lacks in the refinement you expect from Leica branded cameras it makes up for in character. It’s a fun and easy to use .....
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  • Olympus MJU-1

    The Olympus MJU-1 is the perfect camera to put in your pocket in bring everywhere. It’s small, fully automatic and has a sharp lens. This camera has a little bit of wear on the plastic shell but it still appears to be fully functional. There are a couple of very .....
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  • Pentax PC35AF, compact camera with 2.8 / 35mm lens

    Pretty little Pentax Compact camera with a great lens and sleek design. The Pentax 35mm 2.8 lens is very similar to the lens found in the legendary Olympus MJU-2 camera. And also in operation it is very similar. But this Pentax benifits from the ISO which can be manually set, .....
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  • Yashica T3

    Yashica had a winning combination of a fully automated compact camera with a high quality Carl Zeiss Lens with the T line-up. The Yashica T3 is no exception with the Carl Zeiss 38mm f/2.8 *T. This camera was nicknamed the superscope because of the built in waist level finder on .....
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  • Contax T2 with presentation case

    The king of compact cameras. With a titanium body, sharp lens and high build quality the Contax T2 is the camera to get if you’re looking for a high quality compact camera. The camera is in very good condition. It has a little dent in the lens cover and some .....
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  • Konica MT-9

    One of the many compact cameras made in the 1980’s. Like most of the others it is made of plastic, has autofocus, flash and is pretty loud. This camera is in good cosmetic condition with barely any signs of use. The camera seems fully functional A good looking no fuss .....
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  • Olympus Mju-1

    Famous for it’s small size combined with the sharp 35mm f/3.5 lens. This is a camera anyone can use and is very easy to take wherever you want as it fits in most pockets. This camera has quite some wear but it still appears to be fully functional. The front .....
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  • Leica Mini II compact camera

    A leightweight little compact camera designed by Leica. The Leica Mini II is a fully automatic and very lightweight camera with a high quality Leica Elmar 35mm f/3.5 lens.The camera is in good working condition with some wear marks, the battery door is a little bit too easy to open .....
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  • Konica Big Mini BM-302 black, Boxed

    Many people that are looking for a small but high quality point & shoot camera with a sharp lens end up with the Konica Big Mini. It’s the perfect camera to put in your pocket and be ready to shoot wherever you go without compromising in image quality. This camera .....
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  • Konica Big Mini BM-300 silver

    The perfect pocketable point and shoot camera. The Konica Big Mini is, as it’s name suggests, small in size but big in performance. It is fully automated, lightweight and has a very sharp lens. We tested this camera and everything seems to be fully functional. The Konica Big Mini BM-300 .....
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  • Konica Hexar AF silver, Boxed

    The Konica Hexar AF is an interesting compact camera. Definately not the most compact but it comes with the fast 35mm f/2 Hexar lens which has outstanding optical quality. It has a separate detachable flash, full control over it’s aperture. auto focus and a large finder. fastest shutter speed is .....
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  • Leica Minilux Zoom

    High end Leica compact camera with zoom lens (Leica Vario-Elmar 35-70mm f/3.5-6.5). The camera comes in excellent condition and is fully working. Shutter is accurate at all speeds. Flash fires. All settings turn smooth as should. Good seals and just light signs of previous use. few marks to housing. Bright .....
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  • Olympus Mju V compact camera

    Pretty little Olympus Mju V compact camera. with zoom lens. It’s heavily worn, this definately was someones favorite camera. It appears to work. smooth zoom function. good flash. film transport ok. not cleaned and limited warranty. but good fun to use
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  • Ricoh GR1 compact camera

    The Ricoh GR1 is a cult camera. it is very compact in size. Has a high quality wide angle 2.8 / 28mm lens. Fully automatic functions as well as manual Aperture control. Flash built in and extremely lightweight. and this Ricoh GR1 comes in a fully working condition.Regular wear from .....
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  • Leica Minilux, Boxed

    The Leica Minilux compact camera comes with the Leica Summarit 2.4 / 40mm lens and is the perfect camera to always carry around. High quality build and optic and manual control over aperture as well. Finder is a bit narrow compared to the Contax T2 but the lens and results .....
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  • Konica Hexar AF camera

    The Konica Hexar AF is a great camera if you are looking for great quality glass combined with automatic controls. This body has seen some use during it’s life: part of the Konica name has worn off the topplate, the circular eyepiece in front of the viewfinder is missing (this .....
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  • Canon AF35M compact camera

    The Canon AF35M was the worlds first fully automatic compact camera. It comes with a nice Canon 2.8 / 35mm prime lens. Plastic body, great for snapshots. Flash built in. It’s a noisy camera but that is exactly how it was made. The shutter works and the flash fires. bright .....
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  • Contax T2 Black, Boxed

    The Contax T2 is among the most popular cameras of today. Usually in Champagne finish, very hard to find in black. The camera comes in an excellent shape and is fully working. some marks of previous use. All functions work as intended. Has the Zeiss Sonnar 2.8 / 38mm lens .....
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