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  • Yashica-24 + 80mm 1:3.5 Yashinon

    Yashica-24 + 80mm 1:3.5 Yashinon

    Price: 100,00
    Before Yashica introduced the 124 and 124G models which could use both 120 and 220 film they had two different models for the different film types. The Yashica-12 used 120 film and the Yashica-24 used 220 film. While information can be found online about using 120 in the Yashica-24 we .....
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  • “baby” Rolleiflex in black

    “baby” Rolleiflex in black

    Price: 600,00
    Due to it’s compact size this is one of the most beautiful Rolleiflex TLR cameras ever made. The black version of this 4×4 “baby” Rolleiflex is very hard to find since it has been made in small quantities only. The camera comes in a very nice cosmetic condition. Some light .....
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  • Primo-Jr 4×4 + 60mm 1:2.8 Topcor

    Price: Sold
    Produced by Tokyo-Kogaku in the 1950’s the Primo-Jr is the first Japanese 4×4 TLR camera and is similar to the Rolleiflex Baby. This camera is in good cosmetical condition with faint signs of use. Mechanically everything is fully functional and even the shutterspeeds are accurate which is quite surprising for .....
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