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  • Ricoh 500G compact rangefinder camera

    Nice small rangefinder camera with 40mm lens. Comes with signs of regular use, some patina and oxidation to metal parts and – unfortunatelly – deteriorated sealings that needs to be replaced. Besides that looks fully functional, with acurate RF and metering, as well as firing shutter. Fitted in genuine and .....
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  • Leica 0 Oskar Barnack 1879-2004 Limited Ed. Boxed

    The Leica special edition Oskar Barnack 1879-2004 Jubilee Edition Set marks the 125th birthday of Oskar Barnack (1879-1936), the designer of the first 35mm Leica camera. In homage to the inventor of the 35mm system, the set comprises the true-to-detail new edition of a historic camera type, the Leica 0 .....
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  • Ricoh 500G compact rangefinder camera

    This camera comes with very minor signs of previous use, but marked and worn bottom plate. As usual – suffers from sticky and deteriorated sealing foam, but otherwise looks fully functional with good metering and shutter speeds. Will be delivered with strap and fitted in genuine case.
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  • Revue 400SE w/ 40mm f/1.7

    Revue 400SE w/ 40mm f/1.7

    The camera comes in good working condition with regular signs of previous use. The camera has some general wear mostly on the bottom plate. Focus ring turns smoothly. The shutter is working well on all speeds. Lightmeter working. Finder aperture scale goes to F/8. Rangefinder is clean and accurate. Optics .....
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