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New: receive 30% discount on all long rental bookings!

From now on you will receive a 30% discount when you book a rental for 14 days or longer. With this discount you will have more time to get to know the camera well and shoot more rolls with it during your rental period. We know a lot our renting customers take the camera kits on their holidays or trips but sometimes had to hurry with pickups or return dates. No more need to rush, now you will have more time for the same ammount of money!

How to receive the 30% discount:

  1. Go to our rental page and select the camera you would like to shoot.
  2. Select your pickup and return dates.
  3. 30% discount is calculated for all bookings of 14 days or longer!
  4. Fill in your details and pay to confirm your booking.
  5. Pick up the camera kit and start shooting!

Why rent a camera?

Renting an analog camera has multiple purposes. We rent out to a lot of professional photographers who only need a certain camera or look every now and then. These vintage camera’s can be quite expensive nowadays so renting one is much more affordable than buying one that is collecting dust afterwards or in between shoots.

We also see a lot of people using the rental camera’s as a ”try before you buy” option and we highly encourage this as well. Buying your new camera can be a very personal thing and everybody has differend needs or taste. If you are not sure if a camera or model is the right one for you, renting it first can be a very good way of confirming your first thougts.

Going on a special trip to a beautiful destination and want to shoot some epic landscapes? Try out the amazing Hasselblad XPAN! Or are you more into people shots and would you like to experience a true icon in the medium format world? Maybe the Pentax 67 or Mamiya RZ67 is the one for you!

Maarten is de Oprichter van Fotohandel Delfshaven en MK Optics. Hij draagt zorg voor de inkoop en probeert af en toe een stukje te schrijven voor dit blog.

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