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Film Development & Scanning Service

Since the beginning of 2023 our friends over at Cameralisatie have been working hard to open a new professional darkroom and filmlab. Owner, Woody, has years of experience teaching classes in the darkroom and did many development jobs for customers from his home. The Rotterdam-Delft region was really lacking some good quality dev & scan options so when we heard their plans we immidiately offered to collab and help. From now on you can drop off your film in the Delft store and have it processed by Cameralisatie!

Extensive options

You can bring us your black and white and C-41 color films in 35mm, 120 and 4×5” formats. You can choose scanning options, what to do with your negatives, push & pull and more.

– B&W and C-41 color negative
– 35mm, 120 and 4×5”
– Push & Pulling
– Multiple scanning methods

High quality scans

After developing you can download your scans via WeTransfer, directly to your phone or PC. The standard resolution of our scans is 6 megapixels, more than enough for personal use or online sharing. If you need more flexibility you can upgrade the scanning resolution or even receive the scans .raw format.

24/7 Drop off

Fill in the online form, write your name and telephone number on the enveloppe and drop it in our dropbox. You pay when the lab has received your order. Not possible to visit the store during opening hours? No worries, you can also throw your film through our regular mailbox in the front door at any time!

Sample gallery

Kodak Gold 200 in 120 format
Kodak Gold 200 in 35mm
Fujicolor C200 in 35mm


How long does it take to receive my scans?

The average turnaround is 3-5 days after the lab has received your order. Our dropbox is emptied once a week.

What is the resolution of the scans?

The standard scanning resolution is 3000×2000 pixels, so 6MP which is more than plenty for online sharing. If you want more resolution and quality you ugrade to .tiff or even .raw scans.

What types of film do you develop?

We develop black and white and C-41 color negative films. Available for 35mm, 120 and even 4×5” format.

What is the price for dev & scan?

The standard price for C-41 color negatives is €12.00. For black and white it is €16.00. Prices may differ based on your selected options. Click here to find the full menu.

Can you push or pull my film?

Yes, push and pulling your film is one of the many options to choose from.

Can you leave my negatives uncut?

Yes, if wanted we can leave your negatives on the roll, for easy home scanning!

Can you also just scan my already developed film?

Yes, we can also scan your existing negatives.

How do I get back my negatives?

For now it is only possible to pick up your negatives at the Cameralisatie HQ in Rotterdam, near Gerdesiaweg.

Can I just drop my film into the box?

No, please first fill in the online order form. Once your order is confirmed just put your film inside the enveloppe and write your name and phone number on it.

I can not make it to the shop during opening hours!

No worries, you can also leave your film in our regular front door mailbox outside opening hours!

Thom is the store manager here at Fotohandel Delfshaven. He runs the day to day operation and will help you find the best camera or lens for you!

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