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  • Minolta Auto Press

    Minolta Auto Press

    Nice early Minolta camera from the 1930s. Comes with Promar anastigmat Nippon 3.5 / 105mm lens. Shutter fires but slow speeds off. Rangefinder off. Comes with no film holder. Beautiful camera for collector but it shows it’s old age
    Price: 450,00
  • Minolta 16 Blue and Gold w/ 2 films and pouch

    Minolta 16 Blue and Gold w/ 2 films and pouch

    A nice 16mm miniature camera set in appealing colours. Both camera’s seem to work just fine and are in nice cosmetic condition. Comes with two minolta 16 films with expiry date 1971, and a pouch. A nice set for collection
    Price: 200,00
  • Minolta TC-1 w/ G-Rokkor 28mm f/3.5 Boxed

    One of the most sought after compact cameras of today and this example seem close to new in it’s original packaging. The camera comes in beautiful condition with just light signs of previous use. The back door has some marks but only seen upon close inspection. All electronic functions including .....
    Price: Sold