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  • Minolta Auto Meter IIIF

    Nice Minolta lightmeter with minimal signs of previous use, fitted in a bit fatigued case. It powers on and reacts to light, looks perfectly accurate. Useful for flash photography as well!
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  • Minolta right angle finder

    Finder with few small marks to housing, clean optics with a few small dust particles inside. Supplied with very worn case.
    Price: 15,00 Add to cart
  • Minolta Color Meter II + Gossen Lunasix 3 + extras

    Minolta Color Meter II with minor signs of previous use, powers on and reacts to light. Lunasix 3 meter is worn, scratched and marked, in broken case, also functional. Add-ons as per pictures, not checked.
    Price: 120,00 Add to cart
  • Minolta Multi Function Back for X700 / X500 cameras

    Back looks barely used, but is definitely in need for new sealings and some cleaning – protective foam from plastic case and sealings to back are deteriorated / aged, which caused a bit of a mess. Back is fully functional, powers on, all functions seem to be correct.
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  • Minolta MD Monocular converter

    converter with minor signs of previous use to metal parts, just a bit hazy inside, but fully functional – nice genuine converter
    Price: 70,00 Add to cart
  • Minolta Spotmeter F

    Meter with scratches and marks to housing – well used. Powers on, reacts to light and seems accurate, internal LCD with tiny flaw but fully readable. Comes fitted in genuine Minolta pouch.
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  • Minolta Spotmeter F – boxed

    Spotmeter looks barely or not used at all, comes fitted in genuine case, with manuals and box. Strap is missing, but cap is included. It powers on and reacts to light, readings look perfectly accurate for both flash and ambient light. Two sections on LCD are a bit lazy – .....
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  • Minolota Flash Meter IV in pouch

    flash meter with some scratches and marks to housing, but no dents or deep scratches – regular signs of use, powers on and reacts to light, flash metering also works
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