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  • Minolta XD-5

    Minolta XD-5

    Price: 300,00
    Main specs of the Minolta XD-5: The XD-5 has a mechanical shutter that is controlled by electronics. It therefore needs batteries to operate. The built in light meter gives its readings inside the viewfinder, next to the selected shutter speed and selected aperture setting. Shutter speeds range from 1/1000 to 1s .....
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  • Minolta CLE

    Minolta CLE

    Sold Out
    Main specs of the Minolta CLE: he Minolta CLE is slightly larger than the Leica CL. The main difference is that the CLE can shoot on Aperture Priority in stead of only manual exposure mode. Also the addition of a 28mm lens frameline was very well received, especially by travel and .....
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  • Minolta X-300

    Minolta X-300

    Price: 220,00
    Main specs of the Minolta X-300: The Minolta X-300 was aimed to be more affordable than its bigger brothers, and therefore is lacking some features. It uses the same MD lenses. The nice thing about this simplification is that the camera also became a bit smaller and more light weight. The .....
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  • Minolta X-500

    Minolta X-500

    Price: 300,00
    Main specs of the Minolta X-500: he Minolta X-500 has a shutter that ranges from 1/1000th to 4 full seconds and bulb mode. The camera does have a great built in light meter which allows to shoot on AE (aperture priority) mode, making it perfectly suited for beginners as well. The .....
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  • Minolta X-700

    Minolta X-700

    2 available from 300,00
    Main specs of the Minolta X-700: The Minolta X-700 is a single lens reflex camera that shoots 35mm film. It has a built in light meter which shows its suggested speed inside the finder with bright red LEDs. Because of the built in meter the camera can shoot in full manual, .....
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  • Minolta XD-7

    Minolta XD-7

    Price: 300,00
    Main specs of the Minolta XD-7: The Minolta XD-7 is an electronic controlled manual focus SLR. It does need batteries to operate, without it won’t fire. The shutter speeds range from 1s to 1/1000th and it has a bulb mode. Inside the viewfinder you will find the light meter readout, selected .....
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  • Minolta 35 model E w/ Super-Rokkor 2.8 / 45mm

    Minolta 35 model E w/ Super-Rokkor 2.8 / 45mm

    Price: 200,00
    The Minolta 35 Model E is a japanese Leica copy with LTM mount and is pretty uncommon camera to see here in europe. It comes with a Chiyoko Super Rokkor 45mm f/2.8 C lens. Cosmetically the camera is in pretty good condition without dents. Just some slight marks around the .....
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  • Minolta 35 w/ Super-Rokkor 1:2 / 50mm, Leica screw mount

    Minolta 35 w/ Super-Rokkor 1:2 / 50mm, Leica screw mount

    Price: 300,00
    Scarce Minolta rangefinder camera in good cosmetic condition. These Minolta cameras do have leica screw mount. The camera comes in unrestored condition and will require a CLA in case you wish to use it. The shutter tension is too low. times not accurate. Rangefinder patch bit dim though seem accurate. .....
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  • Minolta XM black + MC Rokkor-PG 50mm F/1.4 lens

    Minolta XM black + MC Rokkor-PG 50mm F/1.4 lens

    Price: 500,00
    The MInolta XM is a professional grade 35mm SLR camera that used the MD mount lenses. The camera is very well made and has a certain quality feel to it, all metal housing. This prism finder comes with a built in lightmeter that was found to be accurate. We have .....
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  • Minolta Auto Press camera

    Minolta Auto Press camera

    Price: 450,00
    Nice early Minolta camera from the 1930s. Comes with Promar anastigmat Nippon 3.5 / 105mm lens. Shutter fires but slow speeds off. Rangefinder off. Comes with no film holder. Beautiful camera for collector but it shows it’s old age
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