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  • RESERVED: Leica 0-Serie replica with orginal packaging and papers

    RESERVED: Leica 0-Serie replica with orginal packaging and papers

    To mark the 125th birthday of Oscar Barnack Leica introduced a limited production run of a true to life and fully functional replica of the historic ‘Prototype 2’ camera. These were the first serially produced cameras produced by Oskar Barnack. Besides being fully functional the camera has the same Leitz .....
    Price: 1.500,00
  • Leica II kit + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm and finder

    Leica II kit + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm and finder

    This Black Leica II has been made around 1936 and comes with matching Leitz Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens. The camera appears to have been upgraded with Chrome finish parts to top plate and a IIIf style wind knob, also the infinity lock for the lens comes in chrome finish. .....
    Price: 650,00
  • Leica IIIG + Summicron 5cm f/2 LTM

    Leica IIIG + Summicron 5cm f/2 LTM

    The Leica IIIg was the last model screw mount Leica made. This camera has been made in 1957, at a date the Leica M3 was already in production. The IIIg can be easy distinguised by it’s large viewfinder, it also is slightly taller than it’s predecessors. This Leica IIIG comes .....
    Price: 1.150,00
  • Leica III with Elmar 5cm 1:3.5 lens

    Leica LTM screw mount camera in decent cosmetic condition. Some pieces of vulcanite are missing, there are some brassing signs to top dials and all over bottom plate. Nice, vintage look. Lens with some cleaning marks to front, minor dust particles and some haze inside. Aperture works fine, focusing is .....
    Price: 400,00
  • Leica IIIa in Green. + Leitz Elmar 3.5 / 5cm reds scale lens

    Leica IIIa in Green. + Leitz Elmar 3.5 / 5cm reds scale lens

    Here we have a very interesting Leica camera since it comes in a green finish. We doubt it’s authenticity though since the Leica IIIa has not been made in green according to our data. It definately gives it a very special look and feel and will probably nice for use. .....
    Price: 900,00
  • Leica Ic Post + Summaron 3.5 / 3,5cm

    Leica Ic Post + Summaron 3.5 / 3,5cm

    Interesting Leica kit with PTT engraving to both camera and lens. PTT was the Dutch Postal and Telephone company in those days. The camera mount has been modified so to be able to shoot close up only. Lens without modification and can be used on other camera to infinity. The .....
    Price: 750,00
  • Leica IIIa + Leica Motor + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens

    Leica IIIa + Leica Motor + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens

    A beautiful camera with the MOOLY Motor drive. Mooly works. The camera comes in good condition considering it’s age. Regular signs of previous use. Some marks and scratches to body and Motor and shutter linkage missing. Shutter sounds accurate. Rangefinder seems accurate. Bright finder. Leatherette starts to loosen but seem .....
    Price: 1.000,00
  • Leica IIIG Black paint, partly genuine

    Leica IIIG Black paint, partly genuine

    From the original batch 987901-988025, 1960, only 125 made. unfortunately some parts not original. Paint from original top and bottom plate has been removed, probably for restauration purposes. Din/asa dail original, shutter speed dail original, counter plate original, flash shoe and rewind parts seem prepared for repaint, probably original. Rest .....
    Price: Call for Price
  • Leica Leitz Hektor 13.5cm 1:4.5 lens head on macro bellows + slide copier

    Leitz lens head in nice cosmetic condition, with very minor haze and a few small dust particles inside. Functional, with good aperture. Fitted on nice and functional macro bellows, with damaged slide copier attached (broken bellows).
    Price: 100,00
  • Reserved: Leica IIIf + Leica 5cm Elmar 1:3.5

    One of the most sought after Leica screwmount cameras. The Leica IIIf offers a split rangefinder and viewfinder window that are very close together making it very quick and easy to focus and frame your photo. The seperate rangefinder window offers a much larger rangefinder patch with a higher magnification .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica IIIa + Leica 9cm Elmar 1:4 and Leitz 9cm finder

    The Barnack or screwmount Leica’s offer the incredible built quality that Leica is known for in a very compact camera. The IIIa offers a fast 1/1000 maximum speed and slow speeds up to a second making it a camera thats still usable in a lot of different lighting conditions. While .....
    Price: Sold
  • RESERVED: Leica I (model A) w/Elmar 3.5 / 5cm

    This first model Leica camera can be easy recognized by it’s fixed lens and lack of rangefinder. This is a pretty late Leica I, made around 1930. For a camera of over 90 years old it comes in well preserved condition. Some brassing to black paint. leatherette bit loose to .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica IIIG kit + Summitar 1:2 / 50mm lens, in box

    This Leica IIIG kit comes in an excellent and fully working condition. It had a service in 2008 and seem untouched ever after. Service documents and internal pictures are included. As well as it’s box with leather case and some extra’s. We do not recognize the box as a IIIG .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica IIIG + Leitz Elmar 5cm f/2.8

    The kit comes in good working condition with regular signs of previous use. The kit was just serviced. The body looks good with some slight marks on the top and bottom plate. The shutter is accurate on all speeds. Rangefinder correctly aligned and bright RF image. The lens is in .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica IIIf + Leitz Summitar 1:2 / 50 lens

    A nice Leica IIIf rangefinder camera made around 1955. It comes with a coated Leitz Summitar 1:2 / 5cm lens made around 1950. The body comes in a good shape considering it’s age. This version has the self timer. Smooth transport. Shutter sounds healhy and accurate also at slower speeds. .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica I converted to IIf + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm

    This camera started it’s life as a Leica I but has been later upgraded to IIf. Black paint camera but all around paint has been removed to give it a more special and unique look. Nice shiny black enamel paint to top and bottom which probably is original. The camera .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica II black paint + Elmar 5cm f/3.5 nickel

    This 5 digit serial number black paint Leica II has been upgraded to a III with slow speed dial and comes with a nickel elmar with no serial number. The camera is in good condition considering it’s age and has a nice patina to the black paint finish. The shutter .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica IIIG + Elmar 5cm f/2.8 LTM

    The last model Leica screw mount camera with a beautiful large and bright finder. The camera comes in excellent working condition with light signs of previous use. The body has some slight wear but looks well cared for. Vulcanite seems all intact with some light wear near the selftimer/slow speed .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica I w/ Elmar 5cm f/3.5 + FODIS

    A nice Leica I model A from 1928 in original condition. The camera shows it’s age, brassing and paint loss in places. Some repairs to the vulcanite and a marking with white marker. Transport works and moves smoothly. Shutter fires but not tested for accuracy. Curtains not checked for light-tightness. .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica Ig + Leitz Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens

    The camera comes in good and working condition with regular signs of previous use. Some marks and scratcehs to body. This is the model without finder. Shutter speeds sounds good also at slower times. All work smoothly. Comes with Elmar 3.5/5cm lens. Good condition. Smooth focus and apertue. Some haze. .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica if + elmar 3.5/50

    EXCELLENT: 80-89% of original condition. Shows moderate wear for the age of the item. May have small dents and/or dings and slight finish wear. Glass may have slight marks, anomalies and/or blemishes that will not affect picture quality.*
    Price: Sold
  • Leica IIIF + Elmar 3.5 / 5cm lens

    The camera comes in good working condition. Regular signs of use, but Chrome on top plate starts to detoriate, some pitting in chrome. Shutter sounds good at slow times, but i see some cracks in shutter curtain, not sure if still light tight. Lens with some internal haze but smooth .....
    Price: Sold