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  • Leicaflex + 35mm Elmarit-R 1:2.8 2-cam

    Leicaflex + 35mm Elmarit-R 1:2.8 2-cam

    in 1964 Leica produced their first SLR, the Leicaflex. The Leicaflex has a top shutter speed of 1/2000 and has an integrated CdS lightmeter. This camera is in very beautiful condition and was very well cared for by it’s previous owner. We can only find some scratches on the bottomplate .....
    Price: 500,00
  • Leica R4s dummy

    Leica R4s dummy

    A non working dummy camera which looks exactly like the real deal but misses the internal mechanical components to make it work. A real Leica showpiece. good cosmetic condition
    Price: 250,00
  • Leica R6 boxed + Leica 50mm 1:2 Summicron-R 3-cam

    Leica R6 boxed + Leica 50mm 1:2 Summicron-R 3-cam

    If you are looking for a fairly modern but still fully mechanical SLR produced by Leica, the Leica R6 might be the camera for you. The R6 was produced between 1988 and 1992 and while it does use batteries for the lightmeter and selftimer function, it will still be able .....
    Price: 1.000,00
  • Leicaflex camera with Summicron-R 50mm 1:2 lens

    This Leicaflex camera in chrome comes with minor signs of previous use – it is in surprisingly nice cosmetic condition for its age. There are just a few small marks and discolorations to bottom plate and few dust particles in finder. Shutter fires at all speeds (slow speeds are a .....
    Price: 400,00
  • Leica R6 body

    Leica R6 body

    This Leica R6 body comes in a good and working condition. Shutter sounds good at all times. Meter accurate. All functions work smooth as should. seals starting to detoriate but probably still light tight. bend mark to flash shoe. The Leica R6 is a fully mechanical camera, a pleasure to .....
    Price: 500,00
  • Leica Leicaflex SL Chrome body, Boxed

    Leica Leicaflex SL Chrome body, Boxed

    The camera comes in good working condition with regular signs of previous use. The body has some slight marks on the chrome, tripod wear on bottom plate and the back door shows wear on edges. Shutter sounds accurate at all speeds but lightmeter sadly not working anymore due to missing .....
    Price: 150,00
  • Leica R4 GOLD + Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4

    Leica R4 GOLD + Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4

    An interesting golden Leica R4 kit with matching Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4. The camera shows signs of previous use. There are some marks of use on the body, mainly on the bottom plate. The camera seems to be working fine and the finder is bright but was not film tested. The .....
    Price: 2.500,00
  • Leica R3 Safari + Summicron-R 50mm f/2 R-only

    Leica R3 Safari + Summicron-R 50mm f/2 R-only

    A nice Safari body but with regular black lens. It comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. The body looks nice but has some small scratches on the bottom plate. The rest of the camera looks good and lightly used. The electronics seem to work and the .....
    Price: 650,00
  • Leicaflex SL2 MOT + Motor

    Leicaflex SL2 MOT + Motor

    Shutter fires but motordrive not really into it’s motordrive thingy. Not futher tested
    Price: 450,00
  • Leica R7 black body Boxed

    Leica R7 black body Boxed

    The camera comes in excellent working condition with regular signs of previous use. Few small blisters to the top plate and normal marks of use around the body. Winding crank has turned pale. Light seals look to be in good condition. Leather on back door peeling a bit. Shutter sounds .....
    Price: 300,00
  • Leica R8 + 50mm 1:2 E55 Summicron-R

    The big and bulky Leica R8 is one of the latest Leica SLR’s and has a lot of capabilities like 3 different metering modes, 5 exposure modes and a top shutter speed of 1/8000. This camera is in good condition with almost no wear marks but with some of the .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica R6 boxed, body only

    After the discontinuation of the Leicaflex SL2 the Leica R6 is the first fully mechanical, manual exposure SLR produced by Leica. If you run out of batteries the camera will still be fullt functionale at every speed, you do however need batteries for the cameras lightmeter and selftimer. The lightmeter .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica R8 + 28-70mm 1:3.5-4.5 Vario-Elmar-R

    You won’t find a more solid and bulkier SLR then the Leica R8. The Leica R8 was the first Leica R-series camera that has no connection to Minolta and was fully designed and built by Leica themselves. The Leica R8 we have for sale is both cosemtically and mechanically in .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leicaflex SL 2 + Leica Summicron-R 50/2

    The Leica Leicaflex SL 2 is the last of the Leicaflex SL models. It added a more sensitive lightmeter compared to the previous models and a redesigned mirror that could accomodate new wide-angle lenses. This model is in great condition with only minor wear to it’s black chrome body and .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leicaflex SL + Leitz Elmarit 2.8 / 135mm lens

    This Leicaflex Sl camera has been made around 1970. It is a fully mechanical slr with build in exposure meter (takes PX625 batteries) Very well build quality and very affordable for a Leica. The kit comes bundled with the Leitz Elmarit 135mm f/2.8 2-cam lens. the lens comes in a .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica R9 body Boxed.

    A small amount of vintage Leica cameras carry a “Betriebsk.” engraving. These camera where intended for internal use at the Leica factory and are very rare and desirable collectors items. In the early 2000s Leica decided to stamp a “Betriebsk.” marking on some Leica R9 and M7 bodies, but these .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leicaflex SL black + Leitz Summicron 2 / 50 , 2-cam lens

    The Leicaflex SL is a fully mechanical camera with built in exposure meter and a very high built quality. This Leicaflex with black anodized finish has been made in 1972, exactly half a century ago. it comes in stunning condition considering it’s age. Just few light user marks. few scratches .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica R5 body

    This Leica R5 camera comes in an excellent condition. Just some light sings of previous use. Checked by our in-house technician and all appears to be working correctly. Shutter speeds within tolerance and an accurate exposure meter. All working smoothly, excellent appearance and ready to use
    Price: Sold
  • Leicaflex SL Black Paint + Elmarit 2.8 / 35 lens

    A black paint Leica SL in worn condition. Beautiful brassing to camera. Obvious marks and patina and bubbles to black paint. appears good functional. Shutter sounds good at all times. Finder with some dust and dirt but easy to view. Meter reacts. Good lens, 3-cam version Elmarit 35mm with smooth .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica R6 Chrome body

    This Leica R6 body has been made in the late 1980s and comes in excellent and fully working condition. Some light signs of previous use. The body looks well cared for with minimal wear. The shutter runs accurately at all speeds and the lightmeter works fine with accurate readings. Bright .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica Leicaflex SL + Elmarit-R 28mm f/2.8 2cam

    This Leicaflex SL comes in good working condition with regular signs of previous use. The body has some wear in places but looks well cared for. The shutter is running accurately at all speeds and the finder is bright. Fully mechancial camera. Meter is untested because the battery lid got .....
    Price: Sold
  • Leica R4 + Summicron-R 50mm f/2 R-Only

    This Leica R4 camera comes with a Leitz Summicron 50mm lens. The camera comes in worn condition. The body shows a lot of paint loss and has a worn appearance but it is in fully working condition. accurate sounding shutter and the exposure modes are working fine. Finder clear with .....
    Price: Sold