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  • Leica Bottom Plate for Leica IIIg

    Leica Bottom Plate for Leica IIIg

    Price: 100,00
    Originial bottom cover plate suited for Leica IIIg models. Comes in used condition with some regular scratches or fading. Mounts to IIIg perfectly fine and has a firm fit.
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  • Leica M TYP 240 bottom plate, silver

    Price: Sold
    Original silver colored bottom plate for use on the digital Leica M TYP 240 rangefinder. Very good condition, only some light scratches. Ideal if you have lost your plate or want to replace a really worn out one with this fresh one prior to selling your body.
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  • Leica M3 bottom plate chrome

    Price: Sold
    Original metal bottom plate for Leica M3 camera. Comes in a used condition with a small bump. We testfitted it on different M3 bodies and it still fits perfectly fine. Good replacement if you lost or in need to replace your M3 bottom plate.
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  • Leica M3 Top Plate assembly, very early serial, original spare part

    Price: Sold
    This top plate assembly spare part for the Leica M3 is one of out of the very first. Serial number: 701849. Part is in used condition and shows some light scratches on the top. Probably swapped once before. Perfect oppertunity to replace a damaged Leica M3’s topplate with an original .....
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