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  • Leica Leicameter M + extras

    Meter with obvious signs of previous use. Lots of scratches to back / nameplate, a bit dirty leatherette and few coating deteriorations to side. Meter does not react to light – it is for display only. Comes with set of expandable legs for copying device and Focotar test slides.
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  • Leica Leicameter M

    Meter in used condition, with some scratches and paint losses mainly to nameplate and side, top and bottom in nice cosmetic condition. It reacts to light, but as it is a selenium meter – it is considered rather as decorative piece rather than good user – it is or soon .....
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  • Leica Leitz Leicameter MR

    meter in worn condition, scratched and marked, with sticker remains to nameplate, marked as adjusted to 1.5V batteries, reacts to light, but accuracy untested
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