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  • Leica Leicameter M + extras

    Meter with obvious signs of previous use. Lots of scratches to back / nameplate, a bit dirty leatherette and few coating deteriorations to side. Meter does not react to light – it is for display only. Comes with set of expandable legs for copying device and Focotar test slides.
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  • Leica Leicameter M

    Meter in used condition, with some scratches and paint losses mainly to nameplate and side, top and bottom in nice cosmetic condition. It reacts to light, but as it is a selenium meter – it is considered rather as decorative piece rather than good user – it is or soon .....
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  • Leica Leicameter MR, chrome

    Meter comes with signs of regular use to housing, minor patina and marks to chrome and tiny scratches to plastic. It reacts to light and looks perfectly accurate, we did not take any shots using this as a reference, though.
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  • Leica Leitz Leicameter MR

    meter in worn condition, scratched and marked, with sticker remains to nameplate, marked as adjusted to 1.5V batteries, reacts to light, but accuracy untested
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