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  • Leitz Micro-Visoflex

    Leitz Micro-Visoflex

    Rare visoflex Interchangable focusing screen. Mechanically all excellent but shows signs of use
    Price: 300,00 Add to cart
  • Leica Leitz Visoflex I + vertical loupe finder

    Signs of regular use to housing, no dents or deep scratches. Some dust in finder / on screen. Mirror works fine, loupe is functional. Finder does not lock securely on Visoflex, it can be turned around with no lock, but is stiff enough to remain fitted.
    Price: 40,00 Add to cart
  • Leica Leitz Visoflex II + 90 degree finder

    Signs of regular use externally, finder is a bit dirty and dim, with small cracks to prism corners (it does not interfere with framing). Mechanically fully functional and usable.
    Price: 60,00 Add to cart
  • Leica Leitz Visoflex III + 90 degree finder

    Finder is a bit dim and dusty, otherwise really nice cosmetic condition – just a few small marks to housing. Mechanically fully functional, with good and working mirror operation selector.
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  • Leica Visoflex III housing + vertical finder – boxed

    This set is in very nice cosmetic and fully working condition. Minor signs of use to housing and just a few small dust particles in finder and on screen / mirror. Manual is in German language and is fatigued, box is also quite worn.
    Price: 119,00 Add to cart
  • Leica Leitz Visoflex II kit, Boxed (OTDYM + OTXBO)

    Visoflex and finder with very minor signs of use externally, both fully functional, finder with a few very small spots of fungus and dust particles inside, boxes are slightly fatigued
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