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  • Dagerreotype lens by Derogy

    Dagerreotype lens by Derogy

    Daguerreotype lens made by Derogy appr. 1850. With the typical front diaphragm and shutter as seen on Chavelier/Giroux lenses. Very similar to Chevalier Landscape lens. Heigt appr. 10cm. Diameter of glass appr. 8cm. Focal lenght of appr. 460Mm and F/40. These lenses are close to impossible to find and it’s .....
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  • Dallmeyer 15×12 Rapid rectilinear

    Dallmeyer 15×12 Rapid rectilinear

    Height app 11cm, diameter of front glass app 6cm. App 500mm focal lenghtConsidering it’s age in average condition. Some bumps in hood. Good glass with few marks. No separation. No waterhouse stops or flange. Nice large RR lens
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