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  • Replica of Original Kodak Camera, 1988 remake for 100th Kodak anniversary, boxed

    Replica of Original Kodak Camera, 1988 remake for 100th Kodak anniversary, boxed

    Price: 200,00
    Replica of original Kodak camera. Made in UK around 1988 for the 100th anniversary of Kodak. Only 2500pc were made. Highly collectible camera still sealed with the red wire around it. Marked ”made in UK”. Comes with original white retail box and manuals. Great addition to photographic history collection.
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  • Wooden stereo camera marked Ivens, with Rodenstock lenses

    Price: Sold
    Highly decorative camera. app 1900,in good condition for it’s age. Marked Ivens & co which was not the manufacturer but a shop who put their own name on the camera. Not sure who made this camera. But it’s well made, high quality. Good bellows, though internal bellows which splits the .....
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  • The Princess + Ross No.3 Cabinet. HUGE format

    Price: Sold
    A stunning studio camera on tripod with large screen size of app. 30X38cm. Made in the 1890s by The London and paris optic and Clock company. Very well finsih and built quality. The lens is a large Ross No3 Cabinet Petzval type lens. App 20cm high with hood and 85mm .....
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  • The National Camera + Ross Rapid Symmetrical

    Price: Sold
    Butcher and Son, The National Camera, a Beautiful Brittish made half plate camera with high built quality. Appr. 1900. Comes with Ross 10×8 Rapid Symmetrical lens with a waterhouse stop. Serial number 27541, from earlier date. The camera has a very interesting large back mounted shutter, but that unfortunately seem .....
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