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  • Early Hasselblad WLF, in parts

    This finder is supplied in two pieces, some parts may be missing, flaps are bent. Worn, used condition, for spares or repair only.
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  • Hasselblad chimney finder

    Finder with some paint losses to edges and marks to housing. Eyepiece is pressed in and loose, chimney needs to be disassembled, cleaned and assembled properly again. Complete, but not functional at the moment.
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  • Hasselblad standard focusing screen, boxed

    There are few tiny marks and stains to screen, but nothing that interfers with framing – screen is fully functional. Fitted in genuine pouch and box (not sure if screen type is correct here).
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  • early Hasselblad 45 degree metered prism finder

    Finder comes with minor signs of previous use to housing. Battery cover is missing, leakage signs in battery compartment, electronics untested. Fully usable as non-metered prism, with clean and clear optics.
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  • Hasselblad sports finder

    Genuine Hasselblad sports finder with minor signs of previous use. Few scratches to mask. Fully functional.
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  • Hasselblad PME45 prism finder, with issue

    finder with signs of quite extensive use – scratches, marks and small dents to housing, spots of glue around eyepiece (missing, by the way), a bit of dust inside and tiny dots to finders ocular, meter powers on and reacts to light, all features seems to be working as intended, .....
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  • Hasselblad vertical loupe finder

    finder with obvious signs of use – paint losses and marks to housing, small scratches to optics, bit of dust, minor haze and some spots of fungus inside, but still a good user
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  • Hasselblad Prism finder 45 degree, old version made by Novoflex

    prism finder in quite worn housing, with paint losses to edges and scratches all over, optics is nice and quite clean, with some dust behind eyepiece, eyecup is missing, otherwise fully usable and functional prism
    Price: 60,00 Add to cart
  • Hasselblad 45 degree metered prism finder, old version

    Older version of metered prism finder for Hasselblad V mount cameras. Used condition, with marks, small scratches and some paint stains to housing. Optics is clean, with a few dust particles behind ocular. Battery compartment cover / cap is worn and cannot be unscrewed, finder is untested, sold as non-metered .....
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  • Hasselblad 45 degree non-metered prism finder, old version

    Finder with some paint losses, small scratches and repaintings to housing. Some dust particles inside with no influence on framing. Fully functional, with good eyepiece.
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  • Hasselblad non-metered 45 degree prism finder

    Genuine Hasselblad finder that comes with very minor signs of previous use and a few small dust particles inside, but with coatings / mirror issues – framing is a bit affected. Supplied with eyecup and cap. Fully functional.
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  • Hensold Wetzlar made Hasselblad V fit prism finder with long eyepiece

    Finder with obvious signs of use to housing – some scratches and paint losses are visible, optics is a bit dusty, with deteriorations to caotings. Eyecup is worn. Finder is in fully working condition.
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  • Hasselblad loupe finder

    Lightweight loupe finder for Hasselblad V cameras. Used, with marks and scratches / paint losses to housing. Optics is hazy, with some spots of fungus and deteriorations to coatings, yet still fully usable.
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  • Hasselblad metered prism finder, 45 degrees, unmarked

    This useful prism finder with built-in lightmeter comes in used condition, with some repaintings above ISO / f-stop window and signs of regular use elsewhere. Ocular is a bit dusty. It powers on and reacts to light, readings look perfectly accurate. Supplied with no cap.
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  • Hasselblad PM45 Finder

    Finder comes in excellent condition with regular signs of previous use. Bright vision and glass in good order with minimal cleaning marks. Hard to reach spots somewhat dirty which are cleanable. Eyecup present. We can rate it 8 out of 10.
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