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    Carl Zeiss Proxar 0.5m close up filter for Hasselblad B60 lenses

    Carl Zeiss Proxar 0.5m close up filter for Hasselblad B60 lenses

    Price: 40,00
    Close up filter by Carl Zeiss for B60 Hasselblad lenses. Lets you focus down to 0.5m. T* coating to prevent ghosting and flaring. Very good cosmetic condition without marks to the glass. Mounts onto lens well.
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  • Hasselblad macro bellows system

    Hasselblad macro bellows system

    Price: 150,00
    Hasselblad bellows for macro photography in prestine condition. Basically no usermarks, only some on the sliding rods. Bellows are super healthy and not dry. Focusing is smooth and everything works as intended. A very affordable way of achieving macro close focus capabilities without the need of buying a very expensive .....
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  • Hasselblad 51567 Macro Flash bracket + 4 adapter rings

    Hasselblad 51567 Macro Flash bracket + 4 adapter rings

    Price: 100,00
    This lot contains a Macro Flash Adapter 51567 and 4 adapter rings to mount it to a lens. The rings include: 1x B50, 2x B60 / 60mm, and 1x 63mm. Arms on the flash bracket are firm and work as intended. Nice cosmetic condition, only very faint usermarks.
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  • Hasselblad bellows + slide duplicator

    Hasselblad bellows + slide duplicator

    Price: 160,00
    A bellows device with slide duplicator for Hasselblad V. Scales for the the 80, 120, 135 and 150 lenses but of course also usable with other lenses. Bellows look to be light tight. Adjustments work well but are a bit stiff. Slide duplicator in good shape with light tight bellows. .....
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  • Hasselblad Bellows, later version

    Hasselblad Bellows, later version

    Price: 200,00
    Bellows suited for use on Hasselblad V series bodies. Very good condition, the bellows are lighttight, no cracks or tears. When extending the bellows sound healthy and dont have a dry sound to them. Some light user marks to black metal finish but overall in a very well preserved condition. .....
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