Mamiya 6 with 75mm F/3.5 lens

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Condition report:

The Mamiya 6 is a medium format rangefinder with interchangable lenses and built in lightmeter. The camera is often overshadowed by its much more popular brother: the Mamiya 7. The key difference is the image format, where the mamiya 7 shoots 6×7 images, the Mamiya 6 shoots 6×6 square images. Not only do you get 2 more exposures out of each 120 roll, its also a timeless and totally different but classic aspect ratio. Great alternative to Hasselblad, Rolleiflex or Bronica SQ series since its much lighter and one of the most ergonomic cameras out there. The grip is perfectly shaped, the built in meter is super accurate and the finder has amazingly sharp and bright framelines for easy composing. The rangefinder is calibrated and perfect. Lightmeter and speeds were both tested on our machine and are well within their tollerance as well. The attached 75mm lens gives the field of view of around a 45mm when translated to 35mm format so its the perfect allrounder and suited for basically any kind of photography. 50mm and 150mm lenses are available for this system as well.

In July 2023 the elektromagnets in the shutter release mechanism have been replaced and the winding/cocking and counter mechanisms were cleaned and relubricated where needed as well.

There is 1 remark to be made about this kit, one of the unique features of the Mamiya 6 is its collapsing bellows system, normally the lens mount can be collapsed +/-2cm inside the body for even more compactness. This camera unfortunately has a broken folding mechanism and because that was not possible to repair we have ACR made it fixed in the extended position. This does make the system more firm as a whole. All other camera functions work perfectly as stated above and a 3 month warranty is provided on this kit as well.

Camera with lens and lenscap

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Main specs of the Mamiya 6 / 6MF:

The Mamiya 6 looks very similar as the Mamiya 7 series, but with 2 major differences. Where the Mamiya 7 shoots 6x7, the 6 shoots 6x6. This actually is a big deal and has to be chosen wisely, especially since there is much more competition in the 6x6 format. One of the advantages of being a square format camera is that you don't have to regrip it for vertical or horizontal compositions, which sometimes can be a bit awkard with a rangefinder camera.

The second difference lays in the body design, the Mamiya 6 has a collapsible lens mount that can be folded in the camera when its not in use, resulting in a somewhat smaller package. When the lens is still mounted is does not really make a huge difference but is a nice feature if you really need to pack compactly. The camera does have a built in light meter and can also shoot on aperture priority. Selected or advised shutter speeds are shown inside the finder by bright red LEDs. The speeds range from 1/500th to 4s and bulb. The Mamiya 6 needs 2x LR44 batteries to operate. Since the lenses make use of a leaf shutter, flash sync is possible on all shutter speeds. 3 lenses are available for the system, a wide 50mm, the standard 75mm and a tele 150mm.

Mamiya 6 / 6MF variants:

The Mamiya 6 can only be had in black color. There are however 2 versions of the camera. The second generation is marked MF, standing for multi-format. For the MF version the additional panoramic adapter kit is available, basically turning the camera into a Hasselblad XPAN that shoots 65x24mm images on 35mm film.

If you like the Mamiya 6 specs but rather have option to choose between landscape and portrait orientations, the Mamiya 7 is the camera for you.