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  • Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-Q 3.5 / 13,5cm Nikon RF

    Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-Q 3.5 / 13,5cm Nikon RF

    Price: 220,00
    Optically and mechanically in good condition. Regular sings of previous use. The focus tunrs smooth. Aperture works correctly. Good glass. Minor bump to filter thread. Some marks and scratches and paint loss to lens housing. The lens fits the Nikon rangefinders. Original caps not included. We can rate it 7.5 .....
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  • Nippon Kogaku Nikkor QC 1:3.5 f=13,5cm, Leica screw mount

    Price: Original price was: €250,00.Current price is: €200,00.
    This Nikkor 135mm lens has been made in the early 1950s for Leica screw mount cameras. It has a heavy brass build quality and chrome finish.The lens comes in a very good condition for it’s age. some light wear due to age. Smooth focus and aperture. Glass in excellent shape. .....
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