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  • Nikon F

    Main specs of the Nikon F: The Nikon F is a fully mechanical 35mm SLR. There is no need for batteries to have operation of the shutter. Some later introduced finders with light meter had their own power supplies. The shutter speeds range from 1s to 1000th and bulb. A selftimer .....
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  • Nikon F2

    Nikon F2

    Main specs of the Nikon F2: The Nikon F2 still is a fully mechanical 35mm SLR. Shutter speeds range now from 1s to 1/2000, so a full stop faster. It does not need batteries to shoot, but it now has a battery compartment in the bottom of the camera. This can .....
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  • Nikon F3

    Nikon F3

    Main specs of the Nikon F3: The Nikon F3 is a 35mm SLR camera with built in light meter. The camera can shoot on aperture priority or full manual exposure modes. The camera does need 2x LR44 batteries to fire, but a 1/60th mechanical backup is present. Shutter speeds range from .....
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  • Nikon F4

    Main specs of the Nikon F4: The Nikon F4 is controlled by electronics. It does need at least 4 AA batteries to operate. The camera has a max 1/8000th shutterspeed which goes down to 4s. The camera now has spot, matrix and center weighted metering. Film advance is now automated, so .....
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  • Nikon F5

    Nikon F5

    Main specs of the Nikon F5: One of the main specs of the F5 is it automated film advance which can shoot on 8 FPS. Amazing when you think about the fact that the film has to be advanced, stopped, mirror raised, shutter opened and closed, miror downed again, and that .....
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  • Nikon F6

    Nikon F6

    Main specs of the Nikon F6: One of the best things about the F6 really is its ergonomics. Its much smaller and nicer to hold compared to the F5 which had a built in vertical grip. The camera only needs 2x CR123 batteries to operate, which again saves weight. The Nikon .....
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  • Nikon FM

    Nikon FM

    Main specs of the Nikon FM: The FM uses a focal plane shutter with speeds ranging from 1/1000th to 1s and bulb. Film advance, rewind and cocking the shutter are all manual. The camera does only need (LR44) batteries to power the built in light meter, which has a readout inside .....
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  • Nikon FE

    Nikon FE

    Main specs of the Nikon FE: The Nikon FE has shutter speeds that range from 1/1000th to 1s and bulb. The camera does need 2x LR44 batteries to operate, without it can not fire. The FE can shoot on aperture priority and full manual exposure mode. Shutterspeeds are shown in the .....
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  • Nikon FM2

    Nikon FM2

    Main specs of the Nikon FM2: The Nikon FM2 can now shoot up to a whopping 1/4000th of a second. The built in light meter is very easy to understand and shows basic readout in the viewfinder. There is a selftimer but no other unnessescary functions. Since its shutter mechanism is .....
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  • Nikon FE2

    Nikon FE2

    Main specs of the Nikon FE2: The main difference between the FE and FE2 cameras is the shutter mechanism. Where the old FE caps out at 1/1000th of a a second, the FE2 can shoot up to 1/4000th of a second. Also the slower speeds have been extended. The overall size .....
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  • Nikon FM3a

    Nikon FM3a

    Main specs of the Nikon FM3a: The Nikon FM3a is a bit of an odd one. It does have a fully mechanical shutter mechanism, but also can shoot on aperture priority. The best of both worlds. The shutter can shoot on speeds between 1s and 1/4000 in M mode and 8s .....
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  • Nikon FA

    Nikon FA

    Main specs of the Nikon FA: The Nikon FA is very similar to the FM2/FE2 models, slightly larger but still a nice size for everyday use. Shutter speeds range from 1/4000th to 1s and bulb. The camera has a built in light meter and offers 4 exposure modes: aperture priority, shutter .....
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  • Nikon F100

    Nikon F100

    Main specs of the Nikon F100: The Nikon F100 is an electronic controlled camera, it needs 4x AA batteries to work. All settings and main information is shown on the large LCD screen up top. The AF system works with all AF Nikkor lenses from the 80s and 90s, and even .....
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  • Nikon EM

    Nikon EM

    Main specs of the Nikon EM: The Nikon EM has a built in light meter and can only shoot on Aperture priority. The camera will select the right shutter speed based on its light meter reading and the aperture you have set on the lens. The EM uses 2x LR44 batteries .....
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  • Nikon Nikkormat Series

    Nikon Nikkormat Series

    Main specs of the Nikon Nikkormat Series: The Nikkormat cameras come in various versions but they all share the same design basic: a fully mechanical shutter mechanism that is not depending on batteries. The batteries are only needed for the built in light meters. Depending on the version you get you either .....
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  • New!
    Nikon F80 kit + 35-70mm zoom

    Nikon F80 kit + 35-70mm zoom

    Price: 180,00
    The Nikon F80 is the small brother of the famous F100. Very accurate light meter inside, good autofocus performance and of course all the exposure modes you will need. All settings are done via the large top LCD screen and the operation is the same as a digital SLR in .....
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  • Nikkorex F + Meter + Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-H 50mm 1:2

    Nikkorex F + Meter + Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-H 50mm 1:2

    Price: 150,00
    Nikkorex F camera with matching lens and a light meter unit installed. From 1964. Nice collectible camera for the real Nikon enthousiast. Sold as collectors piece, tested but not perfect for shooting film. Shutter bit inconsistent with exposures. long speeds too long and quick speeds bit uneven. Meter responds to .....
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  • Nikon Nikonos II w/ W-Nikkor 35mm f/2.5

    Nikon Nikonos II w/ W-Nikkor 35mm f/2.5

    Price: 150,00
    The Nikonos II is a underwater camera, released in 1968 as succesor to the original Nikonos/Calypso camera. With it’s included 35mm lens it will perfectly work above water as well. It features some improvements over the original design like a better film pressure plate and a fold out winding crank. .....
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  • Nikon F chrome + F36 motor + Nikkor 50mm F/2 lens, collectible/OUTLET

    Price: 405,00
    Nikon F in chrome finish with matching motordrive and compact 50mm lens. In collectible / OUTLET condition. The camera has been tested carefully on our Kyoritsu shutter speed machine but is not in a good user condition. The speeds are a bit irregular and inconsistent. This can be a thing .....
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  • Nikon FE black with E 50mm f/1.8 AIS, OUTLET

    Price: 80,00
    This Black Nikon FE with E series 50mm f/1.8 AIS is sold as an outlet item due to multiple issues. The camera doesn’t look bad cosmetically with a slightly dusty/dirty appearance, but it has a dent on the prism housing and therefore the flash shoe is not straight anymore. The .....
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  • Nikon FE chrome + 50mm F/1.8 AI, light issues, OUTLET

    Nikon FE chrome + 50mm F/1.8 AI, light issues, OUTLET

    Price: 200,00
    This Nikon FE in chrome comes with a fast 50mm F/1.8 lens. Its technician checked and has some remarks to be made. When taking these in account its a perfect user camera for a bargain deal. The shutter is perfect in the range between 8s to 1/250th but after that .....
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  • Horseman Digiflex

    Horseman Digiflex

    Price: 350,00
    Always wanted to use Nikon F lenses with your digital hasselblad V backs? Now you can with this Horseman digiflex! This camera is a bit of a weird one. From a time when there were digital hasselblad V backs from for example Imacon or Leaf with sensors not bigger than .....
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