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  • Bausch and Lomb Raytar 152mm f:2.7 movie lens

    Bausch and Lomb Raytar 152mm f:2.7 movie lens

    Hard to find 35mm movie lens. The Bausch and Lomb raytar lenses predecesses the Baltar and Super Baltar series. Made in the early 1940s for unknown 35mm movie camera. It has a focus mount as well as an additional finder lens. We see some separation but for the rest pretty .....
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  • Vintage Tessar 18cm 1:4.5 lens in unknown mount for 35mm movie camera

    The lens is in used condition, with brassing and small scratches to metal parts and a bit oily aperture. There are some stains inside that should be easily cleanable, probably some oil residue from aperture blades. There are no obvious, deep scratches, lens is free from separation and fungus. It .....
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  • Kinoptik Special Cine 3.5 / 300mm, Cameflex mount

    Kinoptik Special Cine 3.5 / 300mm, Cameflex mount

    The lens comes in a good condition for it’s age but obvious signs of previous use on the lens housing. Smooth focus and aperture. Good glass. Some internal dust. We can rate it 7.5 out of 10
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  • Kinoptik 5.6/500

    Kinoptik 5.6/500

    EXCELLENT: 80-89% of original condition. Shows moderate wear for the age of the item. May have small dents and/or dings and slight finish wear. Glass may have slight marks, anomalies and/or blemishes that will not affect picture quality.*
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  • Isco Iscorama-Anamorphot 1,5x – 54

    Isco Iscorama-Anamorphot 1,5x – 54

    The 1.5x-54 Iscorama is the tallest of the Isco Anamorphot. Has full metal housing. Extremely hard to find. The lens comes in a good condition. Regular signs of previous use. Smooth focus. Excellent glass. Comes in 77mm screw mount with stop down ring to 62mm and 49mm. Will fit a .....
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  • Zeiss Ikon Movigonar 1/2x f for Movikon 8

    Viewfinder has vertical crack, but is functional, auxillary lens in excellent condition, with minor dots to coatings. Not much signs of use externally. Fully functional lens for Movikon 8 camera.
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  • Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 camera

    Nice 9mm movie camera in really good cosmetic condition, with only minor signs of previous use. Seems to be fully functional – focusing works, motor runs.
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  • Bell Howell 134 8mm film camera with Taylor Hobson lenses

    Tiny 8mm Bell camera in really nice condition, equipped with three Taylor Hobson lenses also in very good condition. Motor runs, lenses focus correctly – all seems to be fully functional. Nice for display also!
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  • Askania 35mm movie camera + Astro Berlin lens

    Comes with Astro Berlin Gauss Tachar 2/25 lens. Not tested, considered for dispay. Beautiful large camera. Hand crank and finder missing. Comes with compendium
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  • Kern Paillard Switar 10mm 1:1.6 for H16 RX Bolex, C-mount

    This wide angle Switar lens comes in used condition, with some issues: front and back unscrews, focusing is stuck, aperture ring is very stiff. Lens is also a bit hazy inside, with a bit deteriorated coatings (discolorations, marks) and signs of regular use to barrel. Lens in need for good .....
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  • Canon TV Zoom Lens 12.5-75mm 1:1.8 C-mount

    Lens with some dirt / stains to barrel and a few small dust specs inside. Optics is free from scratches, fungus or separation. LEns is fully functional with smooth zooming and focusing, aperture works fine. Lens is supplied with back cap and rubber lens hood.
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  • LOMO 1:3 / 16mm OKS1-16-1 block, for 35mm

    Rare and strange lens for 35mm movie format. Very large for it’s specifications, app. 1.5kg weight and impressive looking. This is same as the LOMO version but marked: ??????? ???????? instead. Lens has aperture but no focus mount. Block only, good for modification. In good condition except a small scratch .....
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  • Kinoptik Apochromat 1/2 F=18mm, Cameflex mount

    Vintage movie lens in worn condition as can be expected from a movie lens this age. Presumably for 35mm format. Tested on A7s on APS-c mode and we see some vignetting to corners. probably covers standard 35mm movie format only. lens has a worn appearance and bit dirty. Smooth focus .....
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  • Angenieux 1:3.2 / 25-250mm Type 10×25 T2, Arri bayonet

    Considering it’s age the lens comes in good condition. Smooth focus, zoom and aperture. Glass has few tiny marks on front and some internal haze. Comes with dedicated case and some filters. For 35mm format
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  • Angenieux 25mm f/0.95 C mount

    The lens comes in excellent condition with light signs of previous use. Barrel looks clean and well cared for. Smooth focus and Aperture is working like intended. Good glass but with slight haze behind front element seen with flashlight only. We can rate the lens 8 out of 10.
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  • Cooke Kinetal 25mm T2 f/1.8, Arri std, for 16mm

    Cooke movie lens in Arriflex standard mount. 16mm coverage, probably super16 as well. Smooth focus, good aperture. Some internal dust, faint marks. Worn appearance but a good user
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  • Kern Macro-Switar 1:1.1 / 26mm, C-mount

    Optically and mechanically all excellent with light signs of previous use. Focus smooth and aperture works correctly. Aperture arms missing. Clean optics. We can rate this lens 8 out of 10.
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  • Angenieux Type S2 1.8 / 28mm lens, Cameflex

    Rare lens. Seem hardly ever used. Butterly smooth focus. Tiny haze internally, but no influence on images.
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  • Angenieux Type S2 1:1.8 / 32mm in Cameflex mount

    The Angenieux S2/S3 serie are among the most desired and sought movie lenses ever made. Here a relatively short example. 32Mm is made for 35 movie cameras, does not fully cover full frame. The lens comes in a worn condition. Obvious sings of previous use. Smooth focus and good aperture. .....
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  • Kinoptik 2 / 35 in unknown 35mm movie camera mount

    Unknown mount for 35mm movie. Comes in worn but good condition. Smooth aperture. Some internal haze and few marks on glass. We can rate it 7 out of 10
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  • Carl Zeiss jena Biotar 1:1.4 f=4cm

    Early and important Zeiss Biotar lens from the late 1920s. For 35mm cine format. In Parvo L lens housing. In excellent condition considering it’s age. Smooth focus and good glass. Some faint marks or haze but nothing serious. Barrel with obvious wear. Lucky serial number 888831. we can rate the .....
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  • Cooke Speed Panchro 1:2 / 40mm SerII arri std, For Parts only

    For parts only, incomplete lens lacking back element. worn overall condition. Extensive wear. Dirty glass. Haze, possibly separation. No deep scratches. For parts only so here for a fraction of the usual price
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  • Bausch & Lomb Raytar 50mm f/2.3 movie lens

    The Bausch and Lomb Raytar pre-dates the well known Baltar and Super-Baltar series. Early movie lens with very heavy build quality. This is a lens head only without focus nor mount. Good fucntional aperture. A worn appearance. Heavy arks to brass. But glass all excellent. ome internal dust specs. A .....
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  • Cooke speed Panchro 50mm f/2 (T2.3) lens head

    A late example of the first generation Speed panchro 50mm. Lens head only and unfortunately the blades had been removed. Good optics though few marks to coating which would not affect images. Few internal spots. Great Speed panhro lens for remounting / rehousing project
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  • Astro F:1 / 50mm lens M36 screw mount

    Inscription reads Ardenne-Astro F:1 50mm, style of writing is similar to that of Astro Berlin but here with unknown name variant. Astro serial numbers put this lens in the 1930s. Comes in foccus mount with M36 screw. Very fast lens for the days but image is very soft and full .....
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