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  • 2x anamorphic lens for Bell and Howell

    2x anamorphic lens for Bell and Howell

    Price: 200,00
    This conversion/attachment lens needs to be mounted on a Bell and Howell lens. Might be adjustable with proper research, so it can be used on other devices as well. 2x anamorphic. No real damages to glass, just some regular specs of dust inside. Focus a bit heavy but turns.
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  • Hama Nikon F lenses to C-mount adapter, for use on bolex

    Price: Sold
    This adapter by Hama allows you to mount Nikon F lenses on a C-mount camera system. Ideal since the Nikon lenses have manual focus and aperture and offer great image quality for the money. Comes in used condition but works perfectly fine.
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  • A Beaulieu adapter from M42 to C-mount (boxed)

    Price: Sold
    Adapter with signs of regular use and dirty. Functional, but with additional adapter / reduction to tripod mount that cannot be unscrewed. Fitted in worn box.
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