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  • Sinar APO Sinaron SE 300mm f/5.6 BOXED

    Sinar APO Sinaron SE 300mm f/5.6 BOXED

    Price: 2.000,00
    This lens is a rebranded Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S. The lens comes in an excellent condition with just light signs of previous use. Compur 3 shutter works correctly but aperture scale has some markings worn off but still usable. Glass all excellent. Some light internal dust as usual with used lenses. We .....
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  • Konica Hexanon GR II 300mm F9 lens

    Price: Sold
    Very minor haze and few small dust particles inside, tiny smudges to coatings and signs of regular use to barrel. Lens is fully functional.
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  • Schneider Dagor 355mm (14”) f/8 MC Gold Dot

    Price: Sold
    Gold dot version made by Schneider. This lens is in a excellent condition with very light signs of use. Compur 3 shutter works perfect on all speeds. Glass is in excellent shape with some slight dust from storage. We can rate this lens 8.5 out of 10.
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  • Sinaron S 6.8 / 360mm lens in Sinar DB

    Price: Sold
    Lens is complete, with working aperture and slightly disassembled mount. There are some marks / deteriorations to front element coatings and some dust particles inside, but nothing to be worried about. No separation, no haze, no fungus. Obvious signs of use to barrel.
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