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  • Interesting wood and brass 6×9 large format camera by W. Stacey + Jena Tessar 13.5cm 1:4.5 lens

    This nice camera comes with minor signs of previous use, few brass rods are bent and there are some marks to camera. All movements work, but none is ultra-precise, as it is rather home-brewn camera rather than sophisticated construction like Linhof. Still a fun to use and unique to own. .....
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  • Silvestri T30 + Schneider Super-Angulon 5.6 / 58 XL lens

    Silvestri T30 + Schneider Super-Angulon 5.6 / 58 XL lens

    The Silvestri T30 is a compact modular camera, robust and precise with 30mm of vertical shift. Ideal for architectural and landscape photography. The T30 was introduced in the late 1990s and evolved from the well known SLV camera. it has 30mm shift capability instead of 25mm as found on the .....
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  • an odd metal large format camera with no name

    Strange, probably homemade camera with focal plane shutter (fires, not tested for accuracy) with pinhole in one of clothes / blinds, so it can also be used without a lens. Signs of regular use, not tested for light tightness.
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  • Horseman 45HD + Rodenstock 150mm

    Horseman 45HD + Rodenstock 150mm

    The Horseman 45HD is a 4x5inch large format field camera. Lightweight, though plentyful options for movements (but less than on the 45FA). It has an interesting rubberdized finish and comes complete with a Rodenstock Sitronar-N 5.6 / 150mm lens in Copal No.0 shutter. The camera comes in an excellent condition .....
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  • Sinar P2 5×7 outfit

    Sinar 5×7 outfit, P2 front and back standards, rail, extension, tripod mount, wide angle and normal bellows – all genuine. Obvious signs of previous use, one level is dry. Screen is cracked and taped. All movements in front standard are working as intended, back standard with locked rise / fall .....
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  • Cambo monorail camera, 4×5 and 5×7 backs + bellows

    Set comes with obvious signs of previous use, paint losses, repaintings and marks to metal parts. Both bellows look light tight, screens are usable (both are 4×5, as 5×7 back is equipped with reduction). All movements and locks seem functional. Good entry camera for a bigger format photography. No lens .....
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  • Wooden full plate camera with double extension bed, unmarked, + Rodenstock lens

    Nice, big and old wooden camera in need for some attention. Unmarked. Bellows with small holes, shutter is not released. Wood in good condition, with no cracks or splinters. Movements work. Screen with few scratches, not cracked. Lens in good condition, bit hazy / dusty, with tiny cleaning marks and .....
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  • Sinar P 4×5 monorail camera set

    This monorail 4×5 Sinar P camera comes in almost complete set – all you need to add is the lens with board and film holders. All parts are genuine and functional, though movements are a bit stiff and uneven, rear standard with tiny bumps to housing, otherwise regular signs of .....
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  • Linhof 13×18 camera with Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 18cm 1:4.5 + some holders

    This 13×18 Linhof camera comes in quite worn condition. Back is incomplete, screen is missing, bellows does not look good – feels really dry and brittle, probably not a light tight one. Movements are stiff. Spirit level is dry. Lens is fitted on not genuine board, it is a bit .....
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  • Linhof Aero Technika w/ Zeiss Planar 135mm f/3.5

    Linhof Aero Technika w/ Zeiss Planar 135mm f/3.5

    A rare aerial camera with fast Zeiss lens and anatomical grips to both sides. Beautiful decorational piece with a great user lens to fit other Lingof 4×5. Hard to find, especially in black finish. The camera shows obvious signs of use but is in working condition. The viewing hood has .....
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  • Sinar P 4×5 and 5×7 outfit / parts

    Sinar parts for 4×5 and 5×7 cameras, two standards (both rear ones?) in worn condition, 5×7 standard rise / fall does not engage, one level is dry, movements are not smooth – parts in need for some attention / service. Bellows seem to be light tight and in really good .....
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  • Horseman VH + Nikkor-W 5.6 / 105mm

    This Horseman VH comes with a 6×9 film magazine and a highly desired Nikon Nikkor-W 5.6 / 105mm lens, This is not the 4x5inch camera but the smaller variant perfect for 6×9. The kit comes in an excellent conditon with just light sings of previous use. Movements and focusing action .....
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  • MPP 4×5 field camera + Boyer Paris lens

    This MPP Micro Technical camera is made in England. A well built field camera which a nice alternative for the Linhof. This brittish camera comes fitted with a French lens by Boyer. The Saphir Color 1:4.5 / 135mm comes in a good shape and fitted in Synchro compur shutter. It .....
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  • RESERVED: Sinar P2 8×10 kit with Rodenstock 300mm

    Nice 8×10 kit in ready to use condition. All movements turn smoothly. Hard to find in 8×10 configuration. Bellows seem light tight. Correct and good focus screen. Comes with 1 8×10 sheet film holder. The Sinar shutter sounds good, also at slower sppeds up to 8sec. Comes with a Rodenstock .....
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  • Linhof Technar 45 with Super-Angulon 5,6 / 65mm lens

    Rare camera. Comes with the 6×9 finder for the 65mm Schnieder lens. All seem to work perfectly. Regular signs of previous use. Electronic release not tested due to we dont have the battery this moment. A crack in battery holder which is reglued. We can rate it 8,5 out of .....
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  • Linhof Super Technika V 2×3 + Symmar 100mm lens

    Nice kit. Comes with 6×7 film back and Symmar 5.6 / 100mm lens. The camera comes in excellent and fully working condition. Some regular signs of previous use. Smooth movements. One cover on utton on side missing, no affect on functionality. We can rate it 8.5 out of 10
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  • Linhof Super Technika 6×9 outfit

    Kit comes with 2 lenses: Schneider Xenar 3.5/105mm + Schneider Tele-Xenar 5.5/240mm. Both coupled to camera rangefinder and come with the hoods and masks. Rollex 6×9 film back. Focusing screen back. Nice complete kit. The rangefinder seem accurate. Shutters speeds sound accurate at 1sec. Good glass. The camera has a .....
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