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  • Pentax P50 camera with 2870mm f/3.5-4.5 Kiron lens

    Camera with regular signs of use, some brassing and scratches to body. Powers on, but does not fire, mirror is locked in upper position. Lens focuses and zooms with ease (a bit loose perhaps), aperture is stuck wide open. Optics a bit dusty, with no fungus or scratches.
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  • RMC Tokina 17mm 1:3.5 lens for Contax / Yashica SLR

    Lens in used condition and in need for attention. Bit of haze, few spots of fungus and some dust particles inside, some smudges and small marks to coatings and signs of regular wear to barrel. There is some play to focus ring which also causes aperture to open and close .....
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  • S-M-C Takumar 24mm 1:3.5 lens in M42 mount

    This S-M-C Takumar lens comes in worn and a bit beaten condition, with bump to filter thread (filters will not mount), missing A/M switch and paint losses to barrel. Focusing is a bit uneven and feels dry and sandy. Optics is a bit marked, with deteriorations to coatings, also a .....
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  • Olympus F Zuiko Auto-S 38mm 1:1.8 lens for film Pen cameras

    This tiny Zuiko 38mm 1:1.8 lens comes in Pen mount (for film cameras!). Regular signs of use to barrel, few small cleaning marks to coatings. Lens needs attention – comes with stiff focusing and aperture ring moving between f/4 and f/16 only (also stiff). Aperture moves, but does not open .....
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  • Hasselblad, Carl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 / 40mm T*

    Hasselblad, Carl Zeiss Distagon 1:4 / 40mm T*

    Wide lens for Hasselblad but with some obvious signs of previous use. The shutter sounds good at all times. Smooth focus and good aperture. Glass with some coating damage to front but probably still a good user
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  • Konica Hexanon AR 40mm 1:1.8 pancake lens

    This nice pancake lens needs some attention, as it does not focus beyond 2m mark, focusing between 0.45m and 2m is fine. Aperture is snappy and good, optics with just a few small dust particles inside, no fungus, separation or scratches.
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  • Cooke Speed Panchro 1:2 / 40mm SerII arri std, For Parts only

    Cooke Speed Panchro 1:2 / 40mm SerII arri std, For Parts only

    For parts only, incomplete lens lacking back element. worn overall condition. Extensive wear. Dirty glass. Haze, possibly separation. No deep scratches. For parts only so here for a fraction of the usual price
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  • SMC Pentax Zoom 45-125mm 1:4 in Pentax PK mount, K series lens

    Sturdy zoom lens with signs of previous use and small issues. Optics is a bit dusty and hazy, there are small smudges and cleaning marks to front and bump to filter thread – filters cannot be mounted. Lens focuses and zooms smoothly, but aperture ring is a bit missaligned – .....
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  • Olympus OM 50mm 1:1.8 standard Zuiko lens

    Olympus Zuiko lens with some small bumps to filter thread (filters cannot be mounted) and signs of regular use to barrel. Optics is a bit hazy and fungused inside, cleaning is recommended. Some traces of oil to aperture blades, so aperture is quite lazy – opens and closes with some .....
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  • Pentacon auto 50mm 1:1.8, M42 lens

    Lens in used condition, with a bit dirty and marked barrel. Optics is a bit dusty, with spots and marks to front element. No scratches or fungus. Focusing is smooth, but a bit stiff, aperture closes, but is sticky and opens only when aperture ring is turned to f/1.8 again. .....
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  • Pentacon auto 50mm 1:1.8 Multi Coating, M42 lens

    Lens is a bit dusty and hazy inside, with minor cleaning marks to coatings and signs of regular use to barrel. Focuses fine, with aperture problems – it closes and does not open fully (see pictures), A/M switch does not work (lens is in Auto mode). Comes with both caps.
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  • Nippon Kogaku Japan Micro-Nikkor 55,, 1:3.5 nonAI

    Lens in need for some love and care – focusing is almost stuck / very stiff and uneven, there is some fungus behind rear element and minor haze inside. Barrel with signs of use proportional to lens age, some paint losses and marks are visible. Aperture works fine. Comes with .....
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  • EBC Fujinon 55mm 1:1.8 lens, M42 mount

    Really nice cosmetic condition – minor signs of previous use to barrel, just a few small dust particles inside. No scratches, no haze and no separation. Smooth focusing. Aperture is stuck wide open.
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  • Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm 1:3.5 AI lens for Nikon F

    This nice lens is in need for a good service. Optics is fungused and aperture blade is loose, otherwise nice and functional condition with signs of regular use to barrel, good zooming and focusing. Lens is supplied with both caps.
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  • black paint Elmar 9cm 1:4 lens

    Quite worn lens with lot of paint strips / brassing to barrel and tiny bump to filter thread. Focusing is dry, a bit uneven and squeaky, aperture works fine. Optics in not so good condition, with deteriorated coatings, a bit marked and with signs of fungus and minor haze inside. .....
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  • Nikon Nikkor 105mm 1:2.5 AI lens with no mount, incomplete

    Nice portrait Nikkkor 105mm 1:2.5 lens with missing mount and few screws. Focuses smoothly, with snappy aperture. Optics is scratch and fungus free, but hazy inside. Incomplete, for spares or repair only.
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  • Carl Zeiss Jena DDR electric MC S (Sonnar) 135mm 1:3.5 lens in M42 mount

    Very good portrait lens that comes with minor signs of previous use. Clean optics with a few small dust particles inside and barely visible cleaning smudges to coatings. No scratches or fungus. Aperture is stuck wide open, otherwise fully functional lens with smooth focusing. Supplied with both caps.
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  • Canon lens FD 1:2.8 / 200mm lens, Ugly

    This Canon FD 200mm lens comes in a heavily used condition. It shows obvious sings of previous use. Dirty appearance. bump to built in lens hood. The focus turns smoothly. Glass with some light dirt and few marks. Even though it’s wron condition we believe still excellent images can be .....
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  • Hasselblad 5.6 / 250mm zeiss Sonnar lens (black) T* slow shutter sticky

    lens is used, with some stains / mould traces to barrel, paint losses to mount and hood bayonet, very tiny nets of fungus behind rear element and few small dust particles inside, aperture works as intended, lens focuses quite smoothly (focusing is perhaps a bit stiff), but all shutter speeds .....
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  • Novoflex Noflexar 40cm 1:5.6 + 600mm 1:8 + Kenlock 800mm 1:8 + grips and extras

    Set in heavily used condition. Some additional tape to Novoflex heads, both with small nets of fungus. PAint losses and small scratches to metal parts. Aperture works, but its ring is stiff and uneven, focusing pistol grip stucks and is far from being smooth, additional bellows cannot be unscrewed (or .....
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  • Rodenstock-Klimsch APO-Ronar 480mm 1:9

    APO Ronar 480mm lens that covers 8×10 format (image circle approx. 392mm). The lens comes in used condition, with either missing or stuck aperture blades – it is always wide open. There are some discoloration and cleaning marks to coatings and a few dust particles inside. Lens is free from .....
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  • Rodenstock-Klimsch-Apo-Ronar 480mm 1:9

    Lens with signs of regular use to barrel and a bit worn optics. There are some deteriorations and marks to front element and a bit of haze inside. Lens with missing or stuck aperture, otherwise functional.
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