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    Olympus MJU-II compact camera

    Olympus MJU-II compact camera

    One of the most sought after compact cameras of today. This Olympus MJU-II camera comes in excellent condition with some regular sings of previous use. All functions operate smoothly. Great camera ready for use
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  • Olympus mju Zoom compact camera

    Nice compact Olympus camera with weather sealings. Used conditioin, with lots of tiny scratches and marks to body, sticker remains around film door lock. Camera powers on and fires, all functions seem to be working as intended. Not sure if camera is light tight.
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  • Olympus XA-2 in Red + Flash

    Olympus XA-2 in Red + Flash

    Nice in Red finish. Point and shoot camera with the 3.5/35mm Olympus Zuiko lens. Flash works. Shutter fires. It seem all excellent. Housing has some marks and scratches. Seals minor sticky but seem good. We can rate the camera 7.5 out of 10
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  • Olympus Mju-1 compact camera

    The Olympsu Mju-1 compact camera is the perfect travel companion. The Zuiko 3.5 / 35mm lens gives beautiful results and with the built in flash it can be used also in dim light conditions. The camera comes in excellent working condition with light signs of previous use. It looks well .....
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  • Olympus Trip 35 camera

    Camera comes in good cosmetic condition, with very small scratches and few marks to body. Top plate is a bit patinized, finder a bit dim. Film is advanced, metering works (but probably won’t be too accurate as it is selenium meter), shutter fires, aperture works. In case of too less .....
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