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  • Mamiya C330 kit + Mamiya 4.5 / 55mm lens

    Mamiya C330 kit + Mamiya 4.5 / 55mm lens

    The Mamiya TLR camera’s are one of a kind. Here we have a Twin lens reflex camera with intercahngable lenses and close focus ability. It comes at a cost since these Mamiya TLR are much more heavy than their Rolleiflex counterparts.The Mamiya C330 cameras are highly sought after today. This .....
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  • Mamiya C330 f + Sekor S 80mm f/2.8 Blue Dot

    This Mamiya C330 twin lens reflex cameras comes in excellent condition with regular signs of previous use. The body looks well cared for and has just some wear near the shutter button and on waist level hood. Clear and bright focusing screen. Smooth film transport. Lens is in excellent shape .....
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