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  • Rodenstock-Klimsch APO-Ronar 240mm 1:9

    This APO Ronar lens comes in used condition, with some discoloration and cleaning marks to coatings and a few dust particles inside. Lens is free from separation or fungus, with working, but a bit oily aperture.
    Price: 100,00
  • Rodenstock APO Ronar 240mm 1:9 lens on Sinar DB board + extras

    Rodenstock process lens comes mounted on Sinar DB board. Good optics with just a few small dust particles inside and barely visible cleaning marks to coatings. No fungus, scratches or haze. The lens is fully functional, with good aperture. Polaroid 4×5 film back also is functional, with minor signs of .....
    Price: 150,00
  • Schneider Kreuznach Symmar 240mm 1:5.6 / 420mm 1:12

    Lens is hazy, with few very tiny dots of fungus inside (cleanable), free from separation and scratches. Fully functional, with good aperture. Fitted to Sinar DB board, supplied with both caps.
    Price: 111,00
  • E. Krauss Paris Zeiss Tessar 25cm f/4.5

    E. Krauss Paris Zeiss Tessar 25cm f/4.5

    An early Tessar lens made in France by E Krauss. The lens comes in shutter housing with aperture. The shutter mechanics has been removed from the housing and only the aperture still works. Glass looks okay. Nice old lens we can rate 6 out of 10.
    Price: 250,00
  • Konica Hexanon GR II 300mm F9 lens

    Very minor haze and few small dust particles inside, tiny smudges to coatings and signs of regular use to barrel. Lens is fully functional.
    Price: 100,00
  • Sinar APO Sinaron SE 300mm f/5.6 BOXED

    Sinar APO Sinaron SE 300mm f/5.6 BOXED

    This lens is a rebranded Rodenstock APO-Sironar-S. The lens comes in an excellent condition with just light signs of previous use. Compur 3 shutter works correctly but aperture scale has some markings worn off but still usable. Glass all excellent. Some light internal dust as usual with used lenses. We .....
    Price: 2.000,00
  • Rodenstock APO-Ronar 300mm 1:9

    Lens comes with regular signs of use to barrel and really clean and clear optics, that does not show much signs of previous use. Aperture is functional, yet bit oily.
    Price: 110,00
  • Boyer Paris APO Saphir 300mm 1:10

    Vintage process lens for 8×10 with some of paint losses / brassing and marks to barrel. Optics is a bit dusty and hazy, needs some cleaning. Aperture is functional.
    Price: 80,00
  • Rodenstock APO-Ronar 300mm 1:9 MC in Sinar DB board

    Lens in fully working condition, with very minor cleaning marks to coatings and just a few small dust particles inside. No scratches, fungus or separation. Board with small scratches and marks.
    Price: 220,00
  • Sinaron S 6.8 / 360mm lens in Sinar DB

    Lens is complete, with working aperture and slightly disassembled mount. There are some marks / deteriorations to front element coatings and some dust particles inside, but nothing to be worried about. No separation, no haze, no fungus. Obvious signs of use to barrel.
    Price: 250,00
  • aus Jena DDR (Carl Zeiss Jena) Apo-Germinar 9/375 lens

    This Apo-Germinar 375mm 1:9 lens comes in good, used condition. Some deteriorations to coatings and minor haze / dust particles inside, regular signs of use to barrel. All rings are operational, aperture works fine. Lens comes with no caps.
    Price: 70,00
  • WRAY London Apo Lustrar F10 18inch old lens

    Lens is hazy, with some stains and tiny cleaning marks to glass. Aperture works, but one blade is probably missing (no light leaks are visible). Barrel is worn, with lots of paint losses and marks.
    Price: 75,00
  • Sinar standard bellows 4×5 to 5×7″

    Bellows is used and quite fatigued, still seems to be 100% light tight and functional. Minor internal deteriorations, a bit dusty as well.
    Price: 60,00
  • Horsemann recessed lens board + Sinar standard one

    Lens boards with regular signs of use, both fit Sinar and Horsemann monorail cameras. Recessed with 34mm hole, standard one with 65mm hole.
    Price: 50,00
  • 8x flanges, probably for LF lenses, thread diameter approx. 63mm

    Minor signs of previous use, flanges are well machined, with good fastening screws.
    Price: 50,00
  • Sinar 4×5 spring back with screen and Frensel lens

    Sinar is pressumably genuine Sinar item, but not marked as such, there are a few small scratches and marks. Frensel lens is worn and with cleaning marks. Spring back with minor signs of use, functional.
    Price: 85,00
  • Cambo lens board, 40,5mm hole

    Genuine Cambo lens board with regular signs of use, fully working condition.
    Price: 30,00
  • lot of 3x 4×5 sheet film holders, Graflex + Fidelity

    Holders are quite worn, with scratches and deteriorations all over. Not tested for light tightness, all look complete and functional.
    Price: 33,00
  • two lens board (75×83) for small Linhof cameras

    Black board with 33mm hole, silver one with around 39mm hole (not cut nicely). Both with signs of regular use, both functional.
    Price: 30,00
  • Plaubel Peco Profia lens board, 52mm hole

    This board comes with signs of regular use, there are some small paint losses and marks to it. Fully working condition.
    Price: 30,00
  • lot of 3x hand made lens board for 4×5 inch camera

    Boards are heavily used, wooden one with Pentax 67 mount is approx. 92x92mm, metal one is around 92x94mm and plain wooden one is 101x101mm.
    Price: 30,00
  • Linhof accessoires lot, including Wasserwaage, rings, booklet.

    This lot is sold as found, not tested.
    Price: 45,00