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  • Metabones Contax G adapter to Fuji X

    Metabones Contax G adapter to Fuji X

    Price: 90,00
    This all-metal and very well made lens adapter lets you mount Carl Zeiss Contax G lenses to your digital Fujifilm X mount camera. These lenses are very popular because of their beautiful image renditions and with this you can have the best of both worlds. The adapter has a built .....
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  • Contax CC-17 Grey Camera case for T2

    Contax CC-17 Grey Camera case for T2

    Price: 60,00
    This lot contains 2 camera stands, 3 lens stands and 2 smaller accessory stands. In used condition with some surface scratches but overall in very decent shape. must have items for a leica collector.
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  • Contax GC-21 Standard Leather Case for Contax G2

    Contax GC-21 Standard Leather Case for Contax G2

    Price: 100,00
    This original leather case by Contax was especially made for the Contax G2 camera. This case exists of 2 parts which will partly stay on the camera when in use. There is room for the standard lenses such as the planar 45mm, 28mm and 35mm. The case shows some signs .....
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  • Contax angle finder

    Contax angle finder

    Price: 30,00
    Finder is a bit dusty and hazy, with minor signs of use externally. Gives nice, bright picture and is fully functional.
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  • Contax GG-2 Metal lenshood for G system lenses

    Price: Sold
    This original metal lenshood is suited for lenses in the Contax G system, like the 45mm F/2 planar lens. The hood has some very light signs of previous use but is still in good condition. Mounts on lens just fine. Comes with original box. Champage / silver color version.
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  • Black Leather camera system bag

    Price: Sold
    This is a very nice leather camera bag. It came with a Contax G1 kit and looks like it can house up to 3 additional lenses or accessories. We are not able to confirm the make or brand. Metal clip says ”Amiet”. Comes in very good condition with the key .....
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  • Phase One P25 back for Contax 645

    Price: Sold
    A 22MP CCD sensor digital back for Contax 645 cameras. The back comes in excellent working condition with just light signs of previous use. Has some slight wear around edges of back and display has some hairline scratches. Has very few actuations so unlikely to have been professionally used. IR .....
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