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  • Canon lens 35mm f:2.8, Leica screw mount

    Canon lens 35mm f:2.8, Leica screw mount

    The lens has Leica screw mount and will fit M cameras with use of adapter. The lens comes in a worn condition. Marks and scratcehs to the lens housing. Few bumps and appearance is dirty. Glass is acceptable. Few fait marks. Minor haze and some internal dust. Images seem rather .....
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  • Canon 50mm f/1.5 LTM w/ Lens hood

    Canon 50mm f/1.5 LTM w/ Lens hood

    The lens comes in good condition with regular signs of previous use. Barel with age related wear. Focus is smooth but feels a bit dry. Focus scale in feet. Aperture ring turns smoothly. Glass looks good with no haze but some cleaning scratches on front element. We do not see .....
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  • Canon 1:1.2 / 50mm, Leica screw mount

    Nice fast user lens with some general wear. Smooth focus and good aperturer. Some marks and paint loss to housing. Good glass but we see some light haze. Tested on our A7s and it gives excellent results. Beautiful bokeh. With adapter easy to mount and couple with M camera as .....
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