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  • Bronica SQ-A diopter for WLF + 1.5, Boxed

    Bronica SQ-A diopter for WLF + 1.5, Boxed

    Price: 22,00
    Bronica SQ-A diopter for use in the SQ Waist level finder. in excellent condition in storage container in original box. Glass in good shape and looks unused.
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  • Bronica ETR AE prism finder, with remark

    Price: 72,00
    A prism finder for the ETRS, which original was a AE finder, but due to the lightmeter not being reliable we price and sell it as an unmetered prism finder. The optics are in nice shape and cosmetically the finder looks good. A nice finder at a bargain price.
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  • Bronica GS-1 variable finder

    Bronica GS-1 variable finder

    Price: 150,00
    An attractive looking variable finder for the Bronica GS-1 camera. The built-in lightmeter of the prism finder underexposes about 2 stops of light, you can compensate for this with your ISO dial or exposure compensation. Optically the finder is in good shape with only some minimal dust. Leatherette in good .....
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  • Bronica AE Prism Finder-S for SQ-AI, no meter, boxed

    Bronica AE Prism Finder-S for SQ-AI, no meter, boxed

    Price: 100,00
    This prism finder is suited for the Bronica SQ-Ai. This prism finder has a built in lightmeter inside, unfortunately we were not able to get it to working condition and therefore sell this finder as a regular unmetered one. Very nice cosmetic condition. Still does the job perfectly fine for .....
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  • Bronica +2.5 Diopter glass for GS-1 WLF

    Bronica +2.5 Diopter glass for GS-1 WLF

    Price: 25,00
    This diopter glass has a +2.5 correction strength and is made for the Bronica GS-1 waist level finder. Glass of diopter is in very good condition, no scratches. Ideal solution for a glasses wearer. Comes with the original packaging and protective clear case.
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